Restructure Sales Pro License Sales for eCommerce Clients

HubSpot is creating its own barrier to entry for eCommerce businesses wanting to invest in HubSpot by mandating the requirement to buy 5 Sales Pro licenses. Purchasing just 1 license needs to be an option for agency partners.


Currently, Sales Pro is required to unlocked several critical funcationality pieces needed to built out end-to-end eCommerce systems within the platform:

- Deal automation for post-purchase marketing activity (the main pain point)

- Revenue goal setting and tracking on dashboards

- Full functionality of the HubSpot/Shopify native integration (it unlocks 3 workflows, 1 contact based, 2 deal based)


For businesses with a wholesale/inside sales department too this is less of an issue as you can make the case for the 5 Sales Pro licenses. However, for eCommerce businesses that go direct to consumer only, 4 of those licenses are completely wasted. The full functionality that Sales Pro unlocks are largely irrelevant for these kinds of businesses. At $500 extra a month for the 5 licenses, it's hard to justify bolting on Sales Pro during a Marketing Pro or Enterprise sale. I can bolt on other technologies that do as good or a better job than HubSpot's Sales Pro funcationilty unlocks at a cheaper cost.


HubSpot is getting in their own way of selling to a new customer base.