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Restrict zoom call recordings / transcripts

For the conversation intelligence tool in sales enteprise, when we integrate our zoom account, it imports all our call recordings. We would like a way to restrict which user recordings get imported. Our entire company uses zoom so we would only want to share recording from sales calls.

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Upvoting this as some users may still want to attach Zoom meeting links to their scheduled meetings but not necessarily want to have the recordings be stored somewhere due to sensitive information being discussed.


I solved this by subscribing to a second zoom account so that only my sales people were on that one. Not ideal.

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Upvoting this on behalf of a customer!

As zoom is used across the whole company - there would be instances of private conversations or 1-1s between managers and employees that should NOT be logged into the contact record for everyone to see

Currently, there is no way for users to select an option to log a recording or not: as all recordings from meetings and webinars will automatically sync into HubSpot (got this from this article) - and the workaround for this is to manually go into HS to delete private recordings, or to switch off automatic zoom recording (which may cause users to lose out on information if they forget to manually record the meeting)

So, I agree with @AntoninCrestois that there are users who want to continue using zoom recordings but do not want to have this information logged into HubSpot


This is a total showtopper for adopting this for us. I don't want all internal meetings that get recorded to end up in HS. Too much sensitive info.

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100% needed!!! There are certain users or conversations that may at times need to be excluded for privacy.  Yes, you can delete the call, but that is after the fact and there is risk of being forgotten.



This is fixed btw


Need to implement who can view which calls. I have a client that wants only people that make the call and their managers to be able to review. Direct colleagues should not be able to view each other's calls.