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Restrict users from viewing certain properties

Would like to see the ability to restrict users from viewing properties, in a similar way that you can restrict the edit access of properties to specific users and teams.


This would give more flexibility to custom fields, and hide team specific information from teams where that information would not be relevant.

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March 21, 2022 11:57 AM

Hi everyone,

I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote and comment on this Idea. My name is Shay, and I’m the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Properties. 

I'm happy to announce that this feature is now In Beta!!!


This feature is exclusive to Sales Hub Enterprise, Marketing Hub Enterprise, Service Hub Enterprise, CMS Hub Enterprise & Operations Hub Enterprise.


To learn more, check out this KB Doc: Restrict View Access For Properties


If you are an Enterprise customer and you'd like to participate in this beta, reach out to your point of contact at HubSpot and let them know that you would like access to the Restrict View Access For Properties which they can sign you up for through our internal Customer Success tool. 


We’ll be sure to update you here and on our Product Updates blog as soon as this feature is Delivered.


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Hi guys, 


I have a dilemma and would appreciate some advice. I'll sum up the situation. 


  1. I have personal training company that works exclusively with freelance personal trainers.
  2. The trainers must provide updates on Hubspot after every session they complete with a client. Hence, they need viewing access to the contacts. 
  3. However, as these trainers are freelancers, I don't want them to have access to the contact details (tel numbers and emails) for my entire client base (which is the case with full viewing permissions)
  4. I'm expecting a large volume of new clients to be continually added to the list automatically via an online form integration. These clients do not necessarily get assigned to one trainer. They can train with multiple trainers. Therefore, the Owned-only or Team-only viewing options won't work.

Bottomline, I don't want to risk a trainer simply copying the entire client base and stealing it.  I'm fine with names and other properties showing, but not contact numbers and emails. 


What can I do?  

Thank you!

HubSpot Product Team

Hello @Anis do you make use of the 'HubSpot Owner' function?


It is possible to restrict viewing access for a user to only the contacts they own. 


By default, all users will have access to contacts. On the Contacts tab, you can set more granular permissions and restrictions for contacts, companies, deals, tasks, and properties:

  • View: use the dropdown menu to the right to select which set of contacts, companies, deals, tasks, and properties the user is able to view based on ownership. Your options are EverythingTeam only, and Owned only
  • Edit: use the dropdown menu to the right to select which set of contacts, companies, deals, tasks, and properties the user is able to edit based on ownership. Your options are EverythingTeam onlyOwned only, and None. 

You can edit/set these restrictions in your User Settings.


Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 09.57.10.png


At this time, HubSpot CRM does not have automatic assignment rules for HubSpot Owner. HubSpot Owners can be set in one of the following ways:

Manually assigned on a contact record

  • In your HubSpot Sales account, click Contacts in the main navigation menu.
  • Click the name of the contact. 
  • In the About section, click View View all properties

  • Uncheck the Hide blank properties box and search for HubSpot Owner
  • Click the dropdown for the HubSpot Owner property and select a user
  • Click Save

Assigned by Log in CRM

When using HubSpot Sales' Log in CRM feature, if an email is sent to a new contact that is logged in HubSpot, the HubSpot Owner is automatically set to the user who sent the email. The source for this change will appear in the contact's property history as BCC to CRM.

Assigned by contact import

When you prepare a CSV file to import your contacts into HubSpot, you can assign these contacts a HubSpot Owner by adding a column for HubSpot OwnerSet each row of the column with the corresponding HubSpot Owner's email address for each contact.

Bulk assigned in the contacts dashboard

You can bulk assign the HubSpot Owner for multiple CRM contacts:

  • In your HubSpot Sales account, click Contacts in the main navigation menu.
  • Click Add filter in the left sidebar to segment your contacts using any contact properties in your CRM or choose an existing view from the views dropdown. You can learn more about adding filters and creating custom views here
  • Check the boxes to the left of the contacts for which you'd like to assign ownership. To select all contacts on a page, select the Select all checkbox in the header row. If you'd like to select all contacts within the view, click Select all X contacts.
  • Click the Assign icon above the table to bulk assign your contacts.
  • Click the dropdown and select a HubSpot Owner, then click Assign

Assigned by sync record ownership between contacts and companies

The HubSpot CRM includes a default setting to sync owner information between company and contact records. 


Would also like to advance this post.

We would also like the ability to create costum properties that are only viewable by a specific users/teams, that are not necessarily the contact owner. 


In our business fixing payment details and/or updating new credit card information happens often. We want our sales reps to be able to capture this data, but once filled in, it only be viewable to our accounting team. Maybe a setting can be added to mark certain properties as "private" and those be assigned accordingly. 


Please advise if this is a feature that will be added.


I think I saw it somewhere, but I still don't remember where.


+1 please.


I'd like to hide some properties fields. Only viewable by Admins.


Thank you guys 😉

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Agreed - I need to do this as well. 

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I cannot believe this is still not an option in 2019......


I'd like to add to this one. We're also interested in restricting access to certain properties... but specifically the "contact activity". It does not seem possible to allow someone to access the contact info, but restrict them from seeing the email activity to/from those contacts. We use Hubspot to track contact with investors as well as technical partners. Clearly the investors have financial and proprietary info that should not be accessible by anyone else in the company, but I track this information by linking Hubspot to my Gmail. My team may need to see those contacts, particularly for sending newsletters and such... but they don't need to see the email activity. 


Please, add this feature asap.


This needs to be a feature;


When editing properties, there should be a dropdown box asking 


Visbile to:


Specfific teams

Specific users

Admin only



 I was thinking to buy this product, however misses this features of sharing specific properties to specific user, this keep the privacy prone to many users where it is not needed.



My team needs the ability to hide email info on a contact if the user is not the contact owner. However, they should still be able to see the company info. 


Working in an small educational institution this is vital for use and currently blocking us from implementing HubSpot.
Support staff need to see student details to support them but are not allowed to see specific details like religion, sexual orientation, health issues etc. unless you are in certain teams.  



Hello friends.

I have this same problem, i would like to show the Deals Board only for visualization, but I need to hide the email activities. Is it possible? Thanks.

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Would be very useful to be able to have certain properties only accessible to Admin accounts or a set group of users (not necessarily even the contact owner) so that they can be kept as private as possible. 


This response seems to have misunderstood the previous post.

The statement was not to restrict an individual contact record to certain owners but to restrict certain property field/s within a contact from specific users.

So the user could see some field properties but not all, as opposed to all or nothing.

I also would like the feature to add permissions to individual field properties. This is mostly for security reasons.

Some users may need to see Name and phone number of a contact but not things like credit card details.

Would be great to have a dropdown box on each field property with something like

Viewable by

All Users

Specific Users

Specific Groups

Admin only

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I've been asking for this as well. HubSpots response was this...


We'll add this option but you need to be on an exterprise account to get the benefits. We're on professional, spend a ton of money for this software, yet have to triple our costs for a benefit easily provided by a Salesforce CRM. It's cheesy on HubSpots side. 


Yes, BUT the problem is that people can still go to "Actions" and select "View All Properties" (please correct me if I'm wrong on this one) and that is a very very big – yet simple to fix – problem for sales teams working with external parties such as agents; in terms of of corporate internal and external reporting/monitoring, workflow management, and corporate privicy and data protection to begin with.


HubSpot unfortunately lacks too many vital functionalities that would provide the much needed flexibility from an access management point of view.


p.s. I would be more than happy to take this conversation further if you wish to discuss the use case deeper.


HubSpot Team - agreed.  This feature will be vital for our business moving forward.  We will have certain customized fields that we want hidden from other team members.  


This would definitely be a great option to have, bump on the thread!


This is an essential feature. It's so frustrating when you come across some major limitation like this with hubspot. Last time I submitted something to this forum it took 2 years for them to implement a solution.