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Restrict users from viewing certain properties

Would like to see the ability to restrict users from viewing properties, in a similar way that you can restrict the edit access of properties to specific users and teams.


This would give more flexibility to custom fields, and hide team specific information from teams where that information would not be relevant.

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This is one of the most requested things I have come across and this thread from 2018 is still active with several examples.


Very disappointing that this capability is not possible in HubSpot. With multiple teams across different departments, it's a basic and essential feature to be able to restrict views and create custom layouts for teams to enter or view data- e.g. for Tickets - you should be able to have different Layout views with different fields and field properties depending on the teams.

Please please add this a feature (and not as a feature only avail in Enterprise!)




Yes, this is something our company desperately needs. Our Sales agents are independent contractors so we do not want them to be able to see every property on a contact record. 


Agreed! It would also be great to have custom deal properties for each pipeline across the team in Hubspot so that it's not so cluttered and we can have custom deal views.

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+1 for this idea.


I have a client that needs to keep confidential contact information hidden from those without security clearance. 


Hope that this comes in soon! 


Very important feature for us. 


Please add this feature.


A must have feature.


It appears that the use case has been documented clearly based on what I have read in the previous comments.


We have an enterprise platform, our organization has sales rep agencies who are independent, and we also have sales management, customer service, Marketing, and quote departments that are internal. After setting up custom sidebar properties for each Role/position I just mentioned, I was under the impressiont that this would acheive the desired goal of "hiding visability" of a field used internally (say product COST for instance, or internal sales notes that speaks to how the organization is pressing a representitive for habit change etc.. Essentially not something that you want to document internally, then turn around and give to the individual you may be documenting against), so my staff can have access to relevant info, but a contracted independent representitive would be unable to view this field.


Needless to say, every field is easily visable because EVERY user has the ability to "View All Properties". For whatever reason that controlling visability the same way as controlling Edit Rights is too difficult (I can only presume.. after 2 years) to even comment on let alone execute, at the very least, allow administrators the ability to define which users are capable of "VIEW ALL PROPERTIES", that way they can never actually change the sidebar fields, and hence not view the details. (sidebar- lets not forget about the HubSpot app as well, it just simply displays every single property to a deal or contact, no need to click "view all properties" in order to dig into these details)


This limitiation is a pretty big deal, I would expect that there is some sort of resolution available so we can use what is being paid for. Simply give some options to overcome this.




+1, desperately needed for us as well, but the lifetime of this thread doesn't inspire much hope...


Hi HubSpot Dev Team! I believe that this is a much-needed feature in HubSpot. Please consider it.


It is 3 years since the first vote. 

However, we still don't have this feature.  It is very necessary to use with the Services -> Tickets feature.   We should not allow our service team to see sensitive information in the contact such as sales activities (price discussion/email discussion).  

Vote Up. 


Hi everyone,


Just to quickly add to this discussion that we're in the process of setting up our HubSpot portal. We work with external sales representatives to cover certain geographical areas and were surprised to find that there are no options available to shield any information within a record from a user who has (viewing) access to the record. Be it property-level permissions or the option to set who can view (and/or edit) specific engagements, we really miss something like these now and are having to set up a workaround for sharing (and shielding access to) confidential information.


Here's to hoping this'll finally get picked up.

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Hey product team!

Seeing that we have so many upvotes on this, wondering if there's a more recent update whether this is something that fit into our product pipeline for the year? 

Thank you!


Thank you YiRui_Chuafor briniging attention to this cause. I have had to run two databases as a result of needing this info available but hidden which is counterproductive and rather time consuming.


Product team- if there is anything that needs to be clarified to better motivate this conversation into an active or pending completion status please let us know.


Out of curiosity, are there ever occurances which a voice of the customer round table is made available to ensure that these types of details are captured with completness prior to writing an internal statement of work for the lift?


Another use case:

Say we created a field called "Commission %" that was stamped by a workflow based on the Deal owner. This is sensitive information that we would only want the Deal owner to be able to see. 

If we could dynamically restrict viewing access to the deal owner, that would allow reps to see their upcoig commissions and make commission calculations WAY easier. This would essentially take over the functionality that Saas products like SPIF provide. 

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Hi everyone,

I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to submit, vote and comment on this Idea. My name is Shay, and I’m the Product Manager for HubSpot’s Properties. 

I'm happy to announce that this feature is now In Beta!!!


This feature is exclusive to Sales Hub Enterprise, Marketing Hub Enterprise, Service Hub Enterprise, CMS Hub Enterprise & Operations Hub Enterprise.


To learn more, check out this KB Doc: Restrict View Access For Properties


If you are an Enterprise customer and you'd like to participate in this beta, reach out to your point of contact at HubSpot and let them know that you would like access to the Restrict View Access For Properties which they can sign you up for through our internal Customer Success tool. 


We’ll be sure to update you here and on our Product Updates blog as soon as this feature is Delivered.


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This is wonderful news, I know many of our customers have been wanting this. Thank you team! 🙂


Am i able to do this for notes? i would like share info on the client but the notes sometimes need to be confidential. We have team-owned so all can view and need it that way.  


That would be great , even in pro , not only in enterprise 🙂 - Is there any chance this feature could be available in other plans?