Restrict some users from seeing others


I dont think this will matter to many here, but for us it is really crucial!

No matter how restricted a user is, when a user is assigning a task for instance, he can assign that task to any other registered user from the company. Hence, he can also see any other company user in the system.

We would like to grant access to partners who aren't supposed to see each other. 
Hence, it would be helpful if one could keep particular users from seeing others. 
This restriction could simply be an additional check-box in the permissions panel that enables restricting the user's ability to edit/view contact data.

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Thanks Yannick for bringing this up. We have the very same problem and hope that there soon will be a solution for that so that we can hide users from other users.


Btw the tasks are not the only place where all names appear: When going to "Settings" - "Users&Teams" everybody currently sees everybody with all their user rights, which is a no go for our organization and prevents us to use Hubspot more.