Restrict non-admin users from being able to remove custom Integrations

I recently realised that any user on our hub can go into the Integrations menu and disable a custom Integration we have set up on our hub.  This then breaks a link with our custom system.


Could the disable button please be removed to greyed out for any user who does not have the admin permission of "Edit Account Defaults"?

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This would be a great addition to HubSpot that our company would also benefit from. I believe that some apps aren't able to be edited by non-admin users. However, it would be appropriate for all apps to not be able to be edited. 


This becomes especially useful when small businesses (like ours) outsources on employees but still want to use Hubspot. We are just looking to increase the quality of restrictions on what specific users can and can't see/edit etc. 

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Currently a non admin user can connect an eccommerce store without authorization from the admin. This can be a huge security risk if employees can circumvent the company and sell products and bill clients from HubSpot via a non company authorized billing system.


It would be advantages if the admin could block non admin users from this integration option.


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