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Restrict access to conversations in the shared inbox, similar to standard object restrictions

I would like to prevent users from viewing conversations in the shared inbox if they are not on the service team and if they do not own the contact. 


Currently, the only way to prevent users from seeing all activities in the Conversations Tool is to shut their Account Access off fully. ("Users with Account Access or Super Admin permissions  can view any conversations inbox in the portal")


Ideally, we would be able to limit people to view, edit and communicate with messages in the shared inbox based on the same "All, Team-Only, Owned-Only, None" degrees. This would be similar to the access granted on all other standard objects.


I, as a Solutions Partner, may need to get into a portal to set up shared inboxes snd channels for a client, but for security purposes, should not be able to see actual client data and interactions. Without limiting my access but not shutting off my Account Access, this is not possible.

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@Rugland I have the axact same use case which is a pretty big problem for us. Have you found any decent workarounds for this scenario until the product team decides to prioritize this?


@JeppeNyrup Not really. Our implemtation partner has suggested to create multiple conversation inboxes and only give them access to. 


So when a mail comes in to we assign the ticket to an external agent. The agent then replies from (different conversation inboxes can't send email from the same address) and often this leads to the mail getting picked up as spam in my tests. It also has the downside of me having to have as many conversation inboxes as there are Support Agents cause some customers requires NDA's to be signed specifically with them before any access to their data is given. Support emails often contains snapshots of customer data in our case. 

So basically we're forced to consider if we can use hubspot at all for our ticketing or if we need to move. 



Dang - that is hurtfull :-o.

I was thinking in the same directions, however that solution is far from pretty...


Following. Clients need this.


Yes, general sales reps should only be allowed to access messages that belong to them. Our sales team feels that this should be a minimal feature and we expect Hubspot team to resolve this issue as soon as possible, otherwise this is a failed product and we will have to consider replacing our CRM system.


This idea of individualizing views within the same inbox is extremely necessary, especially when we talk about a company's sales team!


Still an issue, please help 😭


So with all the effort going into the new Help Desk view and everything. But this still remains as an issue as far as we can tell even if we switch to the new experience. This really needs to be solved. 

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We also really need the option to limit the users who have access to the conversation inbox! The option to select users and teams that can edit is not enough when everyone can still access and view each conversation. This is a major issue regarding GDPR and I hope you can solve it soon.