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Restrict access to conversations in the shared inbox, similar to standard object restrictions

I would like to prevent users from viewing conversations in the shared inbox if they are not on the service team and if they do not own the contact. 


Currently, the only way to prevent users from seeing all activities in the Conversations Tool is to shut their Account Access off fully. ("Users with Account Access or Super Admin permissions  can view any conversations inbox in the portal")


Ideally, we would be able to limit people to view, edit and communicate with messages in the shared inbox based on the same "All, Team-Only, Owned-Only, None" degrees. This would be similar to the access granted on all other standard objects.


I, as a Solutions Partner, may need to get into a portal to set up shared inboxes snd channels for a client, but for security purposes, should not be able to see actual client data and interactions. Without limiting my access but not shutting off my Account Access, this is not possible.

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Hi @Jon_Sasala !

I have a similar case. Do you happen to know how to solve it? 

Restrict view and reply to assigned conversations

Hi! I have a very specific support project. Once one of our psychologists replies to potential client in the shared inbox of web chat, it's important that the conversation becomes not available anymore for the rest psychologists-agents in the same inbox. I've looked for so many solution to find a proper web chat tool, but I failed. Here I was told by support that it can be done:

A couple of workarounds I am seeing would be to have different permissions for each user (more info on this here: ) so some cannot view certain aspects of the CRM like chat, this way you can set different assignees to chats + hide the others' permissions to not see the chat if it is not assigned in their name (all the steps on this here! )

However, I still can't set it. I've created to chat agent with almost no rights etc, but they still can see, reply and re-assign converstions... Can anybody advice on this matter. Thanks a lot!



Has this been implemented?


Is there any solution to this problem? I need to be able to set the permissions of our team members individually, so they can view and edit their assigned conversations only. 
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Restrict view to shared inbox would be great. *push*



I have been following this for months. Hopefully we get something soon!!


Also waiting for a solution 😕


Following this as well. I want to collaborate with our sales team in our billing shared inbox but I do NOT want them to be able to reply to the customers using our AR@ email address. Someone did that by accident from a completely different ticket pipeline and it was super weird.


Eu preciso manter todas as conversas publicas (email, chat, whatsapp), mas limitar apenas quem responde, o problema é que hoje, limitando quem pode responder, tambem tira a permição de visão das conversas.


This is a real issue! All conversations of my customers are private and confidential! They have a concierge company! 


This is a real issue! All conversations NEEDS TO BE PRIVATE AND CONFIDENTIAL!

this put our business at risk. We need a solution rapidly pleeeease


We use inboxes through our chatflows and its a shared inbox but if a chat is owned by a specific user, they should only be able to access it and respond so no other users are able to respond unless they are assigned. I haven't been able to find this funcationality but I think it is similar to access and restrictions. 


We def need a solution for this as well!  From a sales managment perspective, once a chat is answered it shoud be closed from visibility from the team.  Just like once a phone call is answered, it's not an open line for the team.    If anyone has any ideas/workarounds etc we'd love to hear!!   



The system is currently allowing inbox access restriction, but it is not possible to split the restriction per type/team. E.g. Super Admins should be allowed to enable read-only access to other departments for specific channels, e.g. chats. For example, in my case I need full access for Support agents (read and edit tickets/chats), read only access for Sales for chats. At the moment this is not possible, which means restricted access is enforced, and that limits the account managers on having a better understanding of the client (because they have no way to view the chats).  

This is a very basic concept - permissions are already configured, we just need to distinguish read-only from full access, by team allocation and communication method. 


Also waiting for a solution


We would definitly use such a feature ! That would help us a lot 

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This is much needed. +1 on behalf of my customer!

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Yes!! This is much needed. +1 on behalf of my customer!

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It will be create if we can also customise limit the communication to certain users but still have them be able to see the conversation but not able to respond to them. 



Our use case is that we have some external consultants working on tickets for us. In the ticketing system it's possible to only allow them to see Tickets assigned to them. But in order to be able to send emails using Hubspot they must have access to conversations, which then gives them access to all conversations that started a ticket. 


This is not a feature request in my mind, it is a bug. The fact that a user that is only allowed to see the tickets they own can just open another part of the system and see everything is a huge sideeffect of enabling a user to send on behalf of a support email.


Regarding HubSpot Service Hub.
We need to be able to limit the insight members of other teams currently have into e-mails through Conversations > Inbox.
Now it’s all or nothing. 
For members to be able to send/answer emails within HubSpot today, its only possible if they have access to “Everything”.