Restrict access to Knowledge Base Categories

Please set up the ability to restrict access by password to articles in the knowledge base/categories.

This would allow for users to create internal knowledge bases that would not be public facing. It gets around having to custom code a webpage so that the hierarchy of categories/articles is easy for users to find. It would also make this more competitive with the other products on the market like zendesk et al. who already have this functionality.

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Having a internal knowledge - base would be very helpful to us.

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100% agreed. I would prefer this be hidden unless logged in with the proper credentials registering to my company's Hubspot account so that our customers don't see sections they can't get into.


Use case: We have internal documentation we use to guide our employees through processes that are sensitive or contain information that we don't want our customers to have visibility over. Being able to land all of these processes in the knowledge base set to "hidden" or "internal" (or something) would allow our in house team to search for process documentation, and as a manager I would be able to see what processes are referenced the most and could require a training session, or a process revision to simplify.

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We need this before we can adopt the knowledge base

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Go ahead HubSpot, please!