Restrict Which Stages Deals Can Be Created In


I have designed our Sales pipeline with a few 'deal stages' to operate in a way that once a sale is closed & deposit was received, they must move the deal to the "Deposit" stage and then the deal will automatically transfer into our Production pipeline. HOWEVER, in order for the deal to convert they must have provided values for all required Properties. If they do not, then the deal won't convert.


Unfortunately this isn't working because they can just create the deal in the "Deposit" stage directly and bypass all the required properties before the workflow activates. To prevent this from happening I would like to be able to restrict 'Which' stages certain members can create deals in. By being restricted to which deal stages a deal can be created, the sales team will be required to fill in all the information before they can move through the stages and to the final stage "Deposit"


How can we make this possible?

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That would be great! Sometimes, reps skip a deal creation in the first stage and create it in an advanced stage and it messes up our reporting.


Replying to get more visibility.  This is the exact solution our company needs to make sure all workflows and required fields can't be skipped.  We've found that even if a deal stage has certain fields as required, that only applies when moving from stage x to stage B.  When creating a new deal salespeople can add a deal to a stage that has required fields without input in those fields.  Big problem.


Limiting Deals Stage while creating deals in Hubspot is "must to have" feature. We have been strugling with sales folks to follow the sales stages diligently.. This is messing up reporting and forecasting !! Hubspot team, please get this included.


Looks like no progress on this! I just chatted with support. This is essential. My reps are creating deals in advanced stages and circumventing all the mandatory information that they are supposed to fill for advanced stages.

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Commenting for a customer here.

Not all deal stages are equal, especially when it comes to closing the deal. e.g. deal stage closed won or lost. Would be nice if we can set certain user permissoin for those key stages

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Bumping this feed up. We are having exactly the same problem and our reporting is being messed up. Policing reps to follow the flow is very difficult and need to be forced on deal creation


I have exactly the same problem as TCoppen. 


For me, I can't get a proper Deal Stage Funnel and conversion rates.. Which is something that should be a priority for every sales leader, right?!

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I have found a way round this but its very long. You need to create a deal stage workflow for every stage of your pipeline pre won like the below. So multiple like this. Also inform the sales reps of what you are doing so they dont get confused if there deals move (if they miss enter them at a later stage).





We need to see this feature in Hubspot. We have workflows and interfaces that rely on a Deal beeing started in a certain stage. this function should be very easy to integrate. Please give us a dropdown that let us choose for each Pipeline in what stage a Deal can be created! First Option could still be "all Stages".


Completely agree this is so needed! I recommend consolidating this idea and adding your votes to a similar one that already exists here


I am in the same boat - I am using required fields for the deal stages and it's frustrating that I can't restrict the deal's pipeline to certain stages.


I have had a client request to restrict the skipping of deal stages and was hoping to find an answer here. It's a shame there isn't one. Sales reps are moving deals across three / four stages without following the pipeline protocol and therefore never inputting all the information required. 


Same issue here

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Hey team,

Raising this again.

If possible, we would like to either:

(1) Prevent won deal stages from being selected directly at deal creation

(2) Ensure that when a user select a "won deal" stage - mandatory properties will be triggered.

Currently - users can bypass mandatory properties by setting them as such during deal creation. This makes the idea of having mandatory properties pretty futile.

Thank you!