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Restrict Editing of Certain Properties and View history of User Edits

Currently if a user has access to edit one contact's property, they have access to edit all contact properties.


We have the ability to restrict a user from creating or deleting properties but it would be incredibly helpful to restrict the editing of certian properties.


We have employees who need access to edit basic property fields on a contact's profile (name, phone number....etc) however there are other properties we don't want them to touch which may affect conversions, sales, or customer relations - currently we cannot restrict this.


What's worse is there's no means of checking (other than one by one contact by contact). It would be helpful if we could run a report that says  Show me every time USER 1 edited the PHONE NUMBER property on all contacts system wide.

  1. Restrict certain users from editing certain property fields on a contact's profile
  2. View a history of when users edit certain contact properties.
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Really? Enterprise only?? This is nuts. We pay thousands for Pro level subscriptions and can't use permissions on our staff?!? 


I am happy that now we have this permission but we have business use case that I want to restrict this editing access on a field after a certain conditions gets fulfill, is this possible ? Can we apply restriction based on certain conditions.


Such a bummer, that it is not available in other plans. We are having a professional plan with several reps and this basic functionality is not for us... 


This function is needed at all levels, not just Enterprise.  We are onthe professional plan with all of the modules and this would really help us control the information we work so hard to get and keep active.  For us it's a matter of keeping the ownership of accounts and contacts with the assigned rep. When our customer service department does something on the file, HubSpot changes the ownership. It would be great if we could restrict who can change the ownership.


This is essential functionality and they deployed it as an Enterprise only feature.  Typical Hubspot.  Everything is revenue driven instead of product driven these days.  If we weren't so invested in Hubspot, I would avoid it like the plague.  So many simple, popular feature requests sit for years without any acknowledgement, while they build payments functionality and other **bleep** no one is asking for, and the stuff people do want, they put behind a $5000 pay wall.