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Restrict Editing of Certain Properties and View history of User Edits

Currently if a user has access to edit one contact's property, they have access to edit all contact properties.


We have the ability to restrict a user from creating or deleting properties but it would be incredibly helpful to restrict the editing of certian properties.


We have employees who need access to edit basic property fields on a contact's profile (name, phone number....etc) however there are other properties we don't want them to touch which may affect conversions, sales, or customer relations - currently we cannot restrict this.


What's worse is there's no means of checking (other than one by one contact by contact). It would be helpful if we could run a report that says  Show me every time USER 1 edited the PHONE NUMBER property on all contacts system wide.

  1. Restrict certain users from editing certain property fields on a contact's profile
  2. View a history of when users edit certain contact properties.
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You are right, I do agree that we need to restrict access to certain contact properties for the users so that the confidential information regarding any contact will be kept more secure.


Also, if anyone edited any property, the previous property value and the person who edited to be saved as log for future reference.


Hi guys, 


I have several properties that are enriched via the API. I want to prevent the Hubspot users to overwrite them. Can I 'lock' a property, so access is prohibited?


Thanks for your support!

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Hi @Michiel_IM thanks for reaching out to HubSpot Support. It's not possible to "lock" a property within HubSpot, however you can restric your user permissions so they can only view certain contacts, not edit them. Please note though that this applies to the specific contact record, not to specific propeties. I think this is a great idea though, and I would encourage you to bring it to our Ideas forum so other users can view/upvote! 



Agree 100%. Whilst our whole team needs access to view the information on each contact and update most of it, we only want a few senior account holders to have the ability to change certain properties.  This could be done by having an 'Edit permissions' field on the property settings, where you can select which teams or individuals have 'edit access' to that property.


Definitely agree. We need to be able to limit who has access to editing certain fields. 


Our team would benefit from having this feature enabled to pick and choose which properties are edit enabled. I agree with the suggestions to have "edit permissions."


We also need this urgently. 

An important example is around managing incentives. 

We have specific fields relating to commission % that the sales manager needs to set. We currently have no way to track if a salesperson changes this. 



YES! This is a critical feature in my opinion. We have many fields that are imported from a database and not being able to restrict those, muddies our data. Having this ability would be a surefire way to keep our database input clean within hubspot and would be a major help in this initiative!


 We have entire teams of people we would like not to be able to edit certain fields...honestly surprised this isn't a thing yet.

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It would be great if you could restrict the editing permissions of specific contact proerties like "HubSpot Owner"

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Could not agree more and is definitely missing from Hubspot.


This would mean that our superadmins could determine which users have access to what - especially if a custom filed is tied to a worklfow!


Love the request, this is a very powerful feature that Salesforce offers, and that I desperately miss with hubspot


This functionality is surely one that needs implementing. 

Restricting users to only view certain contacts isn't a viable alternative, they still need to be able to edit certain basic contact details but we've created custom properties that we would love to be able to lock from editing by most users.

These custom properties form part of our membership information (including subscription due dates) and if changed, would result in potentially issuing invoices at the wrong time or not at all.  

The current permissions functionality is to high level, basically, all or nothing which I think really needs to be reviewed.


I agree that this feature would be beneficial.


This would be a great feature!  We currently have fields that absolutely MUST not be edited and having this function would ensure that they remain that way.  Unfortunately human error is always an issue.  It would be great if we can eliminate that occurring.


I would definitely need that feature implemented. We are evaluating other CRM at the moment and this missing feature might make us buy and use Salesforce instead. We want to be able to consolidate deals managed by our resellers in a single pipeline and would need a restricted property to grant them deals and right to work on these deals. For that, we would need such a feature.


We really need the ability to set view and edit permissions on a per-property basis.

  • Hide properties at an everyone/team/owner level or for specific users/teams
  • Make properties read only at an everyone/team/owner level or for specific users/teams


  • Personal details/sensitive about a customer or account info only available to record owner
  • Special deals or discounts, commission overrides, etc. only available to sales management
  • Data synced one-way from ERP set as read-only so no one accidentally tries to change it and expects it to sync back

This is a feature that we also would like Hubspo to implement. We need to lock a property to prevent it from being updated manually by a user. We are implementing workflows to update some properties and we do not want the users to change it manually. Thanks


This would be a great tool for my company.  We have certain custom fields in HubSpot that are applied by workflows but once a field hits a certain level it would awesome if we could "lock" the field so that it could not be overwritten by other workflows.  This could also be solved by in-depth workflow rules but until Hubspot implements case statements into workflows, there will be quite a few more errors.


Most systems have the ability to restrict user access to certain fields so they cannot be updated by everyone, it seems odd HS doesn't have this ability. It would definately be beneficial for my role because if someone deletes or changes information incorrectly it could cause us to loose customers. I would love to see this implemented in the near future.