Restrict Editing of Certain Properties and View history of User Edits

Currently if a user has access to edit one contact's property, they have access to edit all contact properties.


We have the ability to restrict a user from creating or deleting properties but it would be incredibly helpful to restrict the editing of certian properties.


We have employees who need access to edit basic property fields on a contact's profile (name, phone number....etc) however there are other properties we don't want them to touch which may affect conversions, sales, or customer relations - currently we cannot restrict this.


What's worse is there's no means of checking (other than one by one contact by contact). It would be helpful if we could run a report that says  Show me every time USER 1 edited the PHONE NUMBER property on all contacts system wide.

  1. Restrict certain users from editing certain property fields on a contact's profile
  2. View a history of when users edit certain contact properties.
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We need this in Saudi Arabia

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I also agree - we currently have the problem that all users can edit notes. Some of them contain important data and should only be edited by the person who left the note. Is there any update on this? Regarding data and document security as well as our ISO cetification, I think this is a massive problem of HubSpot...

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We need this as well to track commissions and other sensitive data.

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+1 times 1,000 -- there are just too many company workflows where certain information is either very sensitive from all eyes or where it needs to be restricted to certain editors.

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Hi HubSpot Community, 

Thank you for your continued input and feedback on this issue, we really appreciate it. We're very interested in learning more about the specifics that each of your businesses are facing around this issue, in order for us as a Product Team to build the best solution possible. If you're willing to provide further input, as well as have a conversation with a member of our team about your specific example, we put together this form.


Thank you in advance for your detailed responses, we look forward to hearing from you and building out a solution as well!

- Dylan 

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Additionally, if you'd be willing to spend time talking with us about this specific product idea, feel free to book a time that works best using my meetings link here.

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+1 !!!!

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This is an incredibly important feature and I hope that it is not implemented just half way... The questionaire that you've put together makes it seem like we may only get the abiblity to restrict certain profiles or users from editing a field at any point, but it really needs to be more robust than that with the ability to restrict editing conditionally.

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This is a HUGE thing for my company. Our CS and Sales teams create our initial company and contact records, but once we convert them to customers, it would be most ideal to be able to lock down a bunch of fields. It would also make deduplication easier for any data admin tasked with keeping the data clean.

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Need this now. To not have this feature means everyone who deals with customers has access to edit any property because they only need access to edit a phone number.