Restrict Editing of Certain Properties and View history of User Edits


Currently if a user has access to edit one contact's property, they have access to edit all contact properties.


We have the ability to restrict a user from creating or deleting properties but it would be incredibly helpful to restrict the editing of certian properties.


We have employees who need access to edit basic property fields on a contact's profile (name, phone number....etc) however there are other properties we don't want them to touch which may affect conversions, sales, or customer relations - currently we cannot restrict this.


What's worse is there's no means of checking (other than one by one contact by contact). It would be helpful if we could run a report that says  Show me every time USER 1 edited the PHONE NUMBER property on all contacts system wide.

  1. Restrict certain users from editing certain property fields on a contact's profile
  2. View a history of when users edit certain contact properties.
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Completely agree. This would really help us out.



We currently automatically set (through a workflow) a contact account status, based on the company account status. The company status is the only one that should be editable the contact status should be read-only.

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We really need this for approval processes along our pipeline. Currently anyone can 'approve' a deal as it moves through and this typically triggers workflows that are then difficult to reverse.



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Agree - we need this functionality!

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100% Agree. I need this

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Absoultely needed.  This has been a request of many users for awhile now.  Is there an update as to when this ability will be created??  I've created custom properties to populat via workflow to assign commissions.  But now the contact owners can change this manually which we don't want!

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We need this as well

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This is absolutely necessary. How is it that every other MA allows this, but not Hubspot?! My use case is: a lead comes in from a Google Ad and fills out a webinar form. They have their UTM properties and Lead Source property written to. 5 months later, the same lead comes back in via Organic Google search and requests a demo. I want those UTM and Lead Source properties to remain the original values from the first visit, not be overwritten upon the second visit.

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Agreed! A junior sales rep should be able to edit the phone number or the address field of a company anytime, but not to overwrite sensitive data like the commission he is going to get for that specific lead. That should be a "read-only"-field!

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I agree with everyone else on this. This is one of those items that you say, "why wasn't this something done from the start". My organization saves important dates like end of contract, Termination Status, their monthly fees, etc. Unfortunately, human error or just lack of paying attention could cause someone to over-write or delete that information. It would be great to be able to limit access to certain custom properties to only those who have to manage them. 

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This is a critical feature for HubSpot to offer if they want to be an Enterprise solution. UPVOTE!

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Alternatively, it would be nice if you could just lock specific properties. Or, allow certain teams to edit certain properties or certain users to have certain property editing permissions.

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Agreed. We have sales users that apparently are using their own tablets to input lead information.... which is apparently overriding their personal information. Not good.  


The function is very important so that relevant information cannot be changed retroactively.

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We are evaluating hubspot and very interested, but the inability to set field level permissions may prevent us from moving forward. The ability to limit view and edit capabilities is a critically important feature for a CRM solution.

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I also agree. There are certain properties that I need to lock up or make not visible for certain users. 

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To add this idea, with the introduction of multiple HubSpot scoring properties it would be beneficial for customers to be able to set permissions on this particular property.

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I agree. This feature would be of significant value in an effort to indicate information that is pertinent to the deal properties.