Restore tasks

Similarly to how we can restore contacts, companies and deals, it would be a great addition to be able to restore tasks. 


Sales teams are heavily reliant on working through specific tasks in order to meet their goals and metrics, however when these are lost, it can have a tremendous impact on business profitability. The workflow is interupted and information is lost, customers aren't followed up on as they normally would be as well as a variety of other reasons make this an important feature to implement. 

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This would be very helpful to me within my role as sales assistant at a head hunting firm. Especially useful for an administrator within a company that manages tasks for an entire sales team.

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HubSpot Employee

this is important!

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This would be a great addition to HubSpot

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We accidentally completed all upcoming tasks of our sales team and have no way to restore them. Please make this available in a future update!