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Restore (or at least a view of ) a previous Form Version

When forms are changed accidentally, this feature would be useful to directly help restore the previous versions (like in Google Sheets), rather than having to identify and, recreate all the 20-30 forms. It is easier when there is only one form to change. But at times when a HubSpot subscription is changed, we could lose a feature and the forms can get automatically modified. In this case, having the ability to at least view, the previous forms would be great. By viewing the previous form version, we know what were the fields, and how they were asked. This will help reduce a lot of work. 

{This is out of my personal experience, we had a change in the subscription, and the forms were all automatically modified. I had to re-create all the forms.}

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Agreed. I'll add some of my context here as well:


In bigger organisations it's important to see who made changes and what the change history is. It's not always possible to lock editors down with permissions (due to internal processes) so being able to at least see the history of edits would be crucial.


A second aspect is that it might be necessary to find an earlier version of a consent text of a form during a data privacy audit, for example. These earlier versions are gone and cannot be accessed anymore at the moment.


I just realized there's no undo button or restore. I really need this as we change forms a lot with different staff members having edit access.

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Very much needed!


Definitly need this one.


One of our forms was revised and we lost all data captured in the previous version as well. Definitely need this feature! 


This would be very helpful for us as well. I'm currently looking at a situation where there might have been a name changed on a form, but it's hard to confirm since we have no way of seeing the change history.

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Someone has been messing with our forms and I'm tasked with finding out who did it.