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Restore help button

Before the latest update, HubSpot users could contact support and view their support inbox through the purple help button presented at the bottom right of their portal. Now, in order to contact support and view our support inbox, we must go through the question mark symbol in the top right of the toolbar. Unfortunately, through this method, we must interact with the support bot before being able to access the support team or the support inbox. This update is not intuitive or user-friendly. 

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I thought the value of HubSpot was to make things more streamlined. Now that we have to go through several more steps for the very important Help function, it seems to make things more bureaucratic, time-consuming, and misses the point of efficiency. Please restore the "shortcut".


As HubSpot grows it needs to ADD things that help paying customers - NOT take them away.


Completely agree with Michaelk and Jrice! Wasted 1 hr of my time and your support team's time to figure out how to reach the Support Team. Hubspot support team isn't even aware of this change! 


Agreed! I am a partner and some clients have to use the ? and others have the help button. 


Following for potential (hopeful) updates.


Yes can you please restore the shortcut. I thought I had completely lost the contact support and it had taken me 10 minutes to figure out how to find it.


I agree, this is a pain now. 

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Totally agree. I know where this is coming from in the contxt of enhanced AI capabilities. but come on, nothing can replace the comfort of interacting with a human when you need quick help. So yeah, Hubspot please bring back the help button


I'll begin by saying that I am a huge fan of HubSpot, if you gave me an NPS Survey, I am a Promoter, 9-10 range. I have been using HubSpot daily for almost 4 years now and at one point was awarded a "HubSpot Champion," as a power user of the platform. 


To start, hiding the Support button behind 3 different walls is simply outrageous, especially for paying customers who need support! Imagine if we hid hospitals down a windy road in the back of the forest, not very helpful.


As AI continues to take a front-row seat across technology platforms, it seems HubSpot is using it to replace human connection and without actual support, the concept of understanding context when it pertains to a question goes completely out of the window. Until the LLM is built to completion which is ideally not the endgame for humans, it is useless without contextual relevance. 


Please consider investing in actual customer support teams, who are educated on the platform, and are provided the resources they need to help us, the customers. Please do away with the chatbot functionality, what you've created is Clippy 2.0 from Microsoft.


This is a massive setback to the service, as I've used that many times for on-the-fly help.   This was a major value prop that Hubspot had over competitors, but now is lost.  Where is the "easy" button???

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Please bring back the help button! I have clients asking where did HubSpot support button go. It's not as intuitive to look for it in the top navigation and it's quite hidden. Having such strong support functionality (even with the bot additions) is the biggest benefit in using this platform over other CRMS (e.g. SFDC). It makes it seamless to use from a UX POV. Please bring the button back.


Wow this is a retrograde step in customer support / satisfaction!

Took some time to find help today and how small is the text to create a new support ticket.

Extremely dissapointing.


Agree with everyone else on this thread. Please put this feature back. Making our experience much more difficult. I still can't find the support chat. 


Did everyone receive an email saying that HubSpot will be launching a new price model in March and all subscriptions will see a price increase. So less support offered and more expensive!! 


I had to come here to figure out the new way to contact support. So I wholeheartedly agree: please bring it back.


Yes, please bring it back! 

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I agree. The great easy support function was one of my favourite things about hubspot. Unfortunately just another example of hubspot putting profit ahead of all things especially their customers.


I agree with everyone - bring it back, please! It has taken me over 20 minutes of wasted time to figure out I can't even chat with anyone and have to submit a ticket now vs. chatting with someone. I have used SFDC my entire career, and now, at the new company, we use Hubspot, and the one thing that kept me using Hubspot was the access to support helping with XYZ problem, but not anymore! Disappointed customer.