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When we're creating landing pages, we always test the entire flow/mechanics to make sure all connected assets are working properly e.g. workflow, form leading to the right thank you page, etc.


I already excluded my home and office IP address and also all of our agencies' IP adderesses to analytics, but somehow, the LP still captures my submissions submitted from my office.


So would be great if there's a way to remove internal submissions to make sure the analytics report the clean data. Or perhaps a way to reset analytics post testing.


A workaround I'm thinking right now would be to clone the landing page once it passed the QA but then I realized, all "connected assets" won't be working. Besides, cloning will also give a room for human error again.

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Absolutely agree. I'm having the exact same issues right now.

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Agreed, it should be easy to reset a landing page stats. 

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I have this same issue. I hope they fix this soon. It would be great to reset the analytics on any page with the click of a button.