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It would be great to have the ability to reset a Hubspot score back to zero either manually or through a workflow. Currently, negative lead scoring is the only way to reduce a contact's score. We have certain contact property scenarios, when met, need to reset a contact's score back to zero.

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This is pretty basic, and i'd also add that it would be good to be able to edit the score as a contact property. so if you need to change their score from 14 to 50 for example, you can simply just do that, like you can in Pardot or Marketo or Eloqua.

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For a company the size and scope of Hubspot I find it sad that customers have to recommend features that already are well established in competitor products. 


There should be individuals (team) dedicated to product comparison and feature creation at Hubspot to ensure that they keep up with and ahead of competitors. Frustrating. 

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This should be such a simple feature to add - I am amazed at how this is not possible at all (as someone who comes from the Marketo world). 

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This is the second position I've had where this function is needed. Please take a look at this guys, it's clearly essential for many of your customers. Thanks.

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I'd like to echo others in this thread. It is essential that we are able to reset the score for a Contact without the need for negative scoring. Eloqua and Pardot offer this feature. 


Is there any movement on this, Hubspot?

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+1. We are currently struggling to reset all our Hubspot scores back to zero via negative attributes and it is so much pain. With Pardot it was so easy. 

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Important feature to have! Here is our use case:


The specific use case is that we use Hubspot blog, landing pages, website, email etc to engage and covert leads. This is how the build op the Hubspot score. In our case, MQL is above 10 and SQL is above 20 points. A lead goes to sales and a deal is made. Sometimes organisations have no budget, choose another competitor or other reasons why this deal isn't closed. The deal is moved to lost or inactive. The contacts with this deal will also no longer be active in the funnel, so therefor you want to clear the Hubspot score. There are certainly not SQL anymore, so that i can change to Lead. Would be very weird to have a Lead with a HS score of 30 points for example. Reporting is also scewed.


Also (and this is te most important part) you want to know when a lead becomes active again. Say this leads starts to download content again or visits the site more often, he or she becomes MQL again. Might be because now there is a sense of urgency or budget or they are not that happy with their current solution... When you don't clear the Hubspot score, there is no easy automated way to see how interested the lead is in ZIVVER. The best part of the Hubspot score is that you can automate tasks, workflows and properties with this. Which you can no longer use because the score is out of proportion.

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Agree with all the previous comments in terms of needing a way to do this. If not in the lead score function then at least through a workflow or even through the API.


The only resolution for this right now seems to be to create a custom property and use that as the main lead score. Which kind of is like paying for nothing when it comes to HubSpot's own lead score mechanism.

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Agreed. We need the ability to age the Hubspot score. If the lead did not engage for x time, subtract points. Right now the only way to add negative points to the scoring is  if  user visits certain pages. When setting up workflows, Hiubspot score is not available to increment or not... 

Why should be forced to implament a paralel scoring system with a new custom score field? Doesn't really make sense.

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Yes! This would be extremely helpful rather than dealing with negative scoring. Resetting the score would allow for more accuracy. Make this happen, please. 

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Hubspot's lead scoring is basically garbage without being able to reset scores. I've used a lot of marketing automation tools, like Pardot and Act-On, and all of them have this capability. 

Can someone advise on whether this is coming? 

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This is something that I feel like is still very much needed for Hubspot Score. 

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Has anyone found a solution here?

I am in the middle of implementing back-to-back instances and am dumb-founded that this functionality is not available. 

Why wouldn't Hubspot allow the value of the field to be cleared by a workflow? 









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One idea is to create custom properties for a Score YYYY. You end up with a growing list of annual buckets of scoring:

Score 2020

Score 2019

Score 2018

This is a way of "resetting" to zero periodically as well as maintaining annual score history. Requires workflows to be updated once a year. (You could also consider quarterly: Score 2020-Q1.)

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+1 on this. Seems dumb not to be able to reset it.

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Developers please, this is a major PITA when trying to actually get an idea of what your prospects are doing.  Please include a way to reset scores to 0!!!!!! 

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+1 here. I really need it. 

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This has been an issue for some time now. Please fix it Hubspot!!

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+1 for us too! This would be a lifesaver.