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It would be great to have the ability to reset a Hubspot score back to zero either manually or through a workflow. Currently, negative lead scoring is the only way to reduce a contact's score. We have certain contact property scenarios, when met, need to reset a contact's score back to zero.

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I just ran into this problem as well as I was trying to set up lead scoring for the first time. 


I contacted HubSpot support and they said they still have no plan in place for implementing this. I used to love HubSpot but I'm becoming increasingly disappointed in them. They seem to make lots of changes that people don't want and aren't taking important and simple things like this into consideration.

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@bens1 preach! I'm ready to see them make existing features more viable, instead of adding new ones. Scoring and Chatflows are examples of features that just really aren't ready for prime time and need more attention.

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I was afan of this idea but in the mean time changed my mind.

Scoring is very company specific - score 0 doesn't mean actually anything.  Depends where your treshhold is for turing the leads to Sales Qualified or other things you are using the score for. We implemented aging and that works pretty well. We are looking at:

- email sends - have not opened last 5 emails

- age older than 4 weeeks, 8 weeks, 12 weeks , etc - keep subtracting points

- views certain pages that indicate that they are not the audience we think they are... for ex. login pages if not applicable to prospects


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What do you do then if after 12 weeks and they lost a lot of points, the timing is now right for them and they started visiting your site again and interacting with your emails? 


Since they have such a low or negative score after some time, the sales team won't realize they are a hot/warm lead because they still have negative points even though they are now ready to buy. Have you found a good way to get around this issue?

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we actually go all the way to 1 year... not just 12 weeks. Mostly for leads that are unassigned.

For positive points we score positively site visits, email opens, email clicks, interactions.

For leads that are assigned and reenegage you can have a workflow in the background looking for this behaviour and notifing the contact owner when desired behaviour happens. We do not need this at this point but I can see that it can be useful.

I would look at your assignment process, if a lot of your leads are assigned but not ready maybe something needs to be tweaked there.

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Would be awesome to have this functionality

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Agreed! This is certainly a use case for us.

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+1 need this!