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It would be great to have the ability to reset a Hubspot score back to zero either manually or through a workflow. Currently, negative lead scoring is the only way to reduce a contact's score. We have certain contact property scenarios, when met, need to reset a contact's score back to zero.

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@kshayne my original solution involves adding contacts to be demoted to lists with subtraction rules, but it is very fuzzy. We are using a custom scoring field for customer nurturing right now, and the solution you describe sounds similar. Its not ideal and creates a lot of clutter, but I guess that's what we have to work with right now.

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Can HubSpot give us an update on if this is in the pipeline?

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Agreed. We use HubSpot Score to drive Lead/MQL creation. If an MQL was ultimately lost then we'd like to reset the Contact's HubSpot score when we kick them back to Subscriber. This would allow future engagement to drive their score high enough to once again become a Lead or MQL.

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After a lot of work I setup a customized system of scoring using extensive workflows. If you go this path - be sure to use a lot of delays. Without them I saw that scoring wouldn't take place. I do have a lot more power now just because of the logic of workflows that doesn't exist in Lead Scoring. 


I know that other marketing automation solutions utilize the same expanded logic set both for workflows as they do lead scoring. This allows both to be very robust. I've seen similarly where the same logic interface is used for lists and reporting (I wish that power existed). 


If anyone wants to know more you can reach out to me and I can assist if possible. 


- Kevin

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@kshayne, your comment right there should be enough to convince HubSpot to take a hard look at their existing scoring system. You had to reinvent the wheel to acheive what should be possible OOB. It's probably the best workaround though.

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We also need this. It gets too messy otherwise. When certain things happen, we need to be able to reset the score to zero. It will also make it easier to concentrate on our sales cycle. It doesn't matter what their score was 2 years ago etc, and yes I know there are workarounds, but they are messy.

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Chiming in here and agreeing with those who suggested a reset button for lead scores.

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Agree with the original post - there needs to be a solution for resetting a contact's score OOB. Is this idea being considered by HubSpot dev?

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Another vote for enabling score resets in HubSpot. It's essential when moving leads to new nurture flows.

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I'm amazed this isn't OOB functionality. both in Pardot, Marketo and Eloqua, you can easily set a lead score to whatever score you'd like in a workflow scenario. 

We need to be able to reset a score for this scenario:

Someone comes to our website, does a bunch of things and scores, let's say 90 points, and our MQL threshold is 50.

So, now he goes to the Sales rep for follow up, and the sales rep ultimately moves this person to 'nurture'.  however, we want this person to be able to come back into our lead flow in the future.  But, the issue with the current Hubspot OOB is that he's already above our 50 MQL threshold.


What are my options? I could say 'decrease score by 50 points', but what if his score was 51, or what if his score was 101. Not really an ideal workaround.  I could create an entirely new lifecycle for nurtured and past MQL leads, but seriously?


Pls help! Smiley Happy