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Reset Cookie Banner

I have an update to my privacy policy (CCPA compliance!) and want to be able to push the cookie banner to reappear to returning visitors to advise of this update.


At this time, HubSpot support advised i need to get a developer to implement cookie removal:


I wish there was just a button on the cookie policy settings page that did this for me.


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We've got the exact same scenario and were provided with the same 'solution'. The API option unfortunately still requires for the action to be triggered by the visitor which proves challenging at best. I thought that creating new cookie policies would re-trigger the popup but clearly not. This issue, coupled with the ability to accept cookies at an individual level, should be part of the GDPR set up in my opinion as it's no longer a 'nice-to-have' but a matter of legal compliance. 


Same Scenario.

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all!


Tyler here, product manager for the cookie banner team. I am excited to share this is in beta and being rolled out - we are providing a button embed code in cookie bannner settinngs that you can place anywhere on your website which will cause the banner to reappear when clicked. 


This will be live for all soon, so I will update this idea once it's out.


Thank you!