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Resend marketing email from a Contact Record or recipients dashboard

Working with a customer who expressed this idea would be useful for him.


He would like to resend the email to contacts who did not click on a specific link. 

Creating a workflow is not an option since customer would like to target only specific customers, so he would like to be able to do it from the Contact record or recipients dashboard.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @zbrajnovic, thanks for submitting this on behalf of your customer! At the moment the best way to accomplish this would be to leverage Lists, creating a list of the folks that did open the email but didn't click a specific link, and sending a clone to those folk. At the moment we don't have any plans to introduce a more embedded way to do this so wanted to set the right expectations upfront. Hope this helps!


Our use case for this feature would be slightly different that what's described here.  We would like to be able to re-send a marketing email to a Contact who lets us know that they either didn't receive or lost the email and are requesting we re-send it to them.  Although it is possible to do this from Marketing > Emails > Send to More, our Customer Service Team doesn't (and shouldn't) have access to the Marketing functions.  Therefore, it would be best if our Customer Service Team could simply re-send an email that's already in the Activity log for the Contact.

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Similar to the case described above, our client would like to resend automated emails to contacts who are requesting that we re-send the email. 

Their service team does not have access to email marketing tools, so the request it being routed to other team members to complete the action.  It would be ideal if users could 'resend' the email from the contact record.