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Reschedule Meetings Feature

Contacts are double booking without canceling their previous meeting! It would be great if they got a HubSpot confirmation email with a reschedule button on it, or if the Contact already has a meeting book, the Meetings page recognizes it and presents an option to reschedule or cancel old meeting. 

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The most recent post from Hubspot is from April 25.  Do we have any updates for this?  This may be the thing that prevents my whole organization from moving to Hubspot.  What's the current status and does anyone know of a Zapier thingy that could do this?  Sure hope we see this soon...it's a PITA!

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I think HS needs this feature or be at the risk of losing customers to calendly. Many clients double-book meetings due to not being able to reschedule.


I am thinking about adding a line in my meetings to the effect of something like...


"If you need to reschedule, simply delete the meetings from your calendar, and grab a new timeslot via www.conceivian.com". Maybe there is a better way to say this? 


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I agree, our customers are pretty confused that they cannot change the meeting date

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+1 please implement ASAP.  You guys want to be the all-in-one tool then do it properly.


Possible interim workaround is to create a "Reschedule Meeting" link inserted to the Meeting body text and label it "Reschedule" in the subject so you know it's the new one...?