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Reschedule Meetings Feature

Contacts are double booking without canceling their previous meeting! It would be great if they got a HubSpot confirmation email with a reschedule button on it, or if the Contact already has a meeting book, the Meetings page recognizes it and presents an option to reschedule or cancel old meeting. 

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We need this (and it seems like pretty basic calendering functionality).

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Voted for yes. We wanted to move from Calendly to hubspot meetings, but expaining customers  how to reschedule a meeting takes too much time Emoticono triste 

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agree! need this feature too!

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Yes, please! Clients are asking for this and the double booking drives us crazy!

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 Yo HubSpot, this is definitely a no-brainer for a scheduling tool.  Please add this so that we can take the manual work out of the big percentage of reschedules.  The idea someone mentioned about providing a reschedule link in the confirmation email would be great as well as identifying an already scheduled meeting when someone visits the scheduling tool again.




PLEASE do this. We switched from Calendly recently as we wanted all our contacts and their activity in the Hubspot CRM but this is a major pain! Especially with a team of sales guys trying to book meetings all the time!!! 

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Need to be able to reschedule or cancel a  meeting on the fly. Seems like a pretty obvious need. How is this not out of the box functionality? Hubspot have you never had a prospect need to cancel or reschedule a meeting?? 

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It is ludicrous that a platform that costs $4,000/month can not do what every single solitary other $30/mo and under sceduling app can do. Stop this insanityh, & spend 24 hours coding this in. If literally every other SaaS cloud tool can do it, surely the "premier" marketing automation / CRM / Service tool (Hubspot) can do it. THis is needed - nea, required - like yesterday.

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Gestor de la comunidad

Hi all, 


Just an update that we hear you on this thread and this is the proper channel to share your feedback. The best way to go about actioning this item is to: 


1. Share your use cases

2. Share what roadblocks this would help you resolve in your business

3. Share this idea with your coworkers and fellow HubSpot users; I have just upvoted this idea myself and I encourage you all to share it around as well Emoticono feliz 



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The goal for our sales people is to book meetings -- and unfortunately, we have dealt with a lot of no-shows. A "Cancel" and "reschedule" feature within the confirmation and reminder emails would be extremely useful.