Reschedule Meetings Feature

Contacts are double booking without canceling their previous meeting! It would be great if they got a HubSpot confirmation email with a reschedule button on it, or if the Contact already has a meeting book, the Meetings page recognizes it and presents an option to reschedule or cancel old meeting. 

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This this this! We can't switch from Calendly to Meetings until this exists.


Also, is there any way to keep Google from auto supplying a Hangout link as well?


@jskirst YES! You don't know how many times our sales team calls a lead and they are on the Hangout already.

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I agree! This is adding manual work for me and confusion over meetings that prospects can't attend. They email me saying they need to change, but don't know how to cancel it. So, if I don't cancel the meeting manually, then I show up and forget that they've cancelled. Also, I often have to email them back with another link, as they don't realize that they can use the same link.


A reschedule or cancel option in the email confirmation would be really valuable.

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You can actually turn off the hangouts in Google meeting requests (it's a google thing, not HubSpot). Steps are listed here.


Totally agree with this add "reschedule" and "cancel meeting" links in meeting requests!

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yes please

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 This would be really useful...

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This would be a great idea for there to be an option to reschedule meetings booked. Not only for the consumer but also the sales person calling. 

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Yes. A prospect today was looking for a rescheduling link. This just goes into Google Calendar and now I'm at the mercy of Google. 


Yes, yes and yes!!


We also use Calendly and thinking that people will cancel via the Google calendar or Outlook is wrong. People just don't turn up - very annoying but with Calendly, they just hit the cancel or rescheule links in the email (as we send reminders 1 hour and then again 10 minutes before) which ensures a 95% attendance rate.


It's great having Hubspot copy the Likes of Pipedrive for CRM and Calendly for meetings but unless they make it as good as these, you end up still having to use all the external softwares defeating the object of swicthing to Hubspot in the first place!


Hubspot, PLEASE PLEASE sort this very much needed and easy to implement feature!!!



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Let me pile on to this request.  Hubspot, this is a nobrainer!  We get requests to reschedule all the time and the prospects ask how to do it.  In fact, it is quite embarassing to have to cancel manually and resend them the meeting link.  Please make this a priority!