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In most sales organizations I have worked for, they have required that a set of information is required before being able to save the customer in their CRM. As of now, HubSpot does not support this (according to themselves). My suggestion is that this is a feature that could be added so that sales staff do not save customers without important information being entered. 

The major advantage is that sales managers will not have to promt sales staff to review all sales opportunities to ensure they have filled in the necessary information. 

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July 31, 2017 06:50 AM

In Beta
April 04, 2017 12:36 PM

We're happy to announce that required fields is going into beta. If you'd like to get into the beta, please leave a comment on this thread.

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Please add me to beta!

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@AndyPitre Hey Andy, will this beta feature also be available in the development environments? I created a trial for myself to get familiar with Hubspot. (ID:3413553)


Please add us to the beta.

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Hi, this feature is great but can we change which fields are required? eg Mobile number in contacts is good to know but may not be available when entering the new contact? (Sorry if somewhere esle in Forum - I'm new) 

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 @roisinkirby Does this mean it's now available for use? How do we access this feature please? 


 We are excited to be on the beta test for this functionality and on the web version, it works quite well. However, that functionality is NOT working on the mobile app version. Before you roll this out to the greater HubSpot universe, I strongly suggest making it functional on mobile as well. Otherwise, it's not nearly as useful.


please add me to beta

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Its great to have the mandatory fields option but its easily bypassed with the email integration i.e contacts added to the CRM via gmail integration are accepted despite not having all the required fields added.  Is there an option to ensure contacts added from the gmail interface also must have the required fields complete?


Please add me to the beta.

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Please add us to the beta.


Hi  @AndyPitre


How do we make a property required when updating a contact, not just creating? For example, when someone opens a contact that doesn't have a property filled out, how can I force them to update that property before going to another page? I have a property called "Next Steps" I recently added where I want our team to update what the required next steps are for that contact before they can close and move on. Is there a way to do that? 

Thank you so much in advance!



When creating deals, I LOVE that I can require my reps to fill out specific fields. However... most of the data we collect lives on the COMPANY level. Would be a great feature if I could require certain "Company" fields are filled out before creating a deal. (See screenshots. So basically when creating the deal... in the side panel.... I could require certain fields that are on the Company and NOT the Deal.)