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Required fields when deals move between stages

This feature would be allowing the admin to require fields be filled out not only on deal creation (which is current functionality) but also when a deal moves from a certain stage to a certain stage. 


Example: My company charges both a subscription fee and an implementatiton fee.  The implementation fee is indentifeid late in the sales cycle, when the deal is moved to Closed Won stage.  It is not known at the beginning of the deal creation so it can't be required at that time. I would like to make it a requirement that the rep fill out the "Implementation Fee" field when attempting to move a deal to Closed Won stage. 

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I would like it if HubSpot was able to provide a progressive profiling feature where for every stage the deal is moved there is notification pops up for the customized fields that need to be populated. The whole value of a CRM is to have data integrity, and if HubSpot doesn't capture the information that is left missing and notifies the user of what needs to be filled, then whats the value of it? 


Something like that will be cool

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I believe this is accomplished now in the deals. View the link below.


Maybe it's a glitch for us, but the "Set Properties for Moving Between Deal Stages" only seems to work once a deal is actually created, and it's moved within the pipeline.


Unfortunately, this appears to offer no reinforcement of data integrity when creating a deal - so our rep could literally create a new deal as Closed Won, and completely skip each stage along the way - and all defined requirements.

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@slucas , Yes and deal pipeline reporting is only as good as long as you move each deal through each stage of the pipeline. The reporting will not be accurate if you skip stages.


Your right, there is no reinforcement of data integrity, unless perhaps you are making some sort of required field that would advise people to move through the proper pipeline of stages.


@mediagarcia - that's the point though. 

Each stage of each pipeline gives you the ability in settings to establish required fields for that specific stage. 

However those requirements are not enforced when creating a new deal, only when changing stages within an existing deal.

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@slucas - got it. Now it is clear. I was not aware that this was the case.  So the required fields are in place for transitions and not necessarily for when they are created. 


@mediagarcia - correct!

 If you go to your settings, go to Sales, Deals, and configure Pipeline settings, you can customize requirements for each stage of the pipeline - but none of those seem to kick in when initially creating a deal, so it allows you to jump to any stage of the deal, with no requirements applied, unless those requirements are applied in the overall Deal Property settings for creating a deal. 

The challenge with trying to enforce them there, is that each business unit (sales, accounts, etc.) will have different requirements for the deal stages, so the one-size-fits-all option there isn't effective.


Hope that helps!



Is it possible to set a specific property value as a requirement for deal stage movement? We were able to set the deal stage requirement to have a specific property to be populated but we want to have a specific value to be considered as a precursor to be able to move that deal through the stage. 

For example: 
Scenario: Moving deal stage from 'Negotiations' to 'Closed-Won'
Deal stage: Negotiations
Required field(s): Payment confirmation
Field choices: 
   - Confirmed
   - In Process

Ideally, we want to make sure that there is a confirmation of payment before we consider the deal closed-won. Right now, if you select 'In-Process' in the payment confirmation stage, you would still be able to move the deal to closed-won. Is there a way to have tighter controls for deal movement? 


[ Unfortunately, this appears to offer no reinforcement of data integrity when creating a deal - so our rep could literally create a new deal as Closed Won, and completely skip each stage along the way - and all defined requirements. ]


We're running into the exact same issue here.

Although pretty obvious I think they must have simply overlooked this scenario when they were building the required field functionality. 


I hope they fix it soon (and if someone finds a workaround, please post it here)


This is a really critical functionality. I would like to have each deal associated to a contact and a company when closing it, but doing that at creation is really tricky if you work with multiple Contacts named Bill Smith, or work with multiple branches with the same name.


I thought I could push Deals without all the info out of closed won, but you can't change stages with workflows. I'm now logging in daily to view a list of the violations and move them back out.


Crazy to see how long this has been an issue. We were able to make a property value required when moving the deal to a new deal stage, but anyways there is always a blank space option that can be chosen by the SDRs even though this does not appear with the other options in the property (dropdown select) itself. We need our SDRs to fill out that information so we can categorize our deals, but this enables them to take the easy route every time and prevents us from collecting valuable information in our CRM. 


Hi all,

I have a couple more questions relating to this topic.

1. Is there a way to make a line item required to move a deal into the next stage? (Right now only deal properties and not product properties are showing up in the required fields section).

2. Is there a way to make a signature and counter-signature required before moving into the Closed/Won Stage? 


Is there now a way to make 'required fields' specific to deal stage. For example, deal revenue is not known at the first stage, but needs to be mandatory by the 2nd or third stage of the deal pipeline. Surely this has been made possible by now? Thanks  


This feature is great! There is one shortfall, which should be fairly easy for HubSpot to rectify.

Each Property (e.g., "Company short name") has a Description (e.g., "Abbreviation of the company's name, such as 'Acme'". Bravo!

The modal that prompts for values of these properties ought to show these descriptions, perhaps as small italics underneath each field name.