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Required fields based on Lifecycle Stage or Lead Status

Similar to how Hubspot allows you to create required fields for when a deal moves along a pipeline, I want to create required fields when a contact changes Lifecycle Stages from a Lead to an MQL, SQL, Opportunity, etc.


Also, if a contacts Lead Status moves to Unqualified for example, I would like to create a required field for Unqualified Type.


Please let me know if something currently exists that can satisfy this request, because I couldn't find anything.

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I'm also looking to do this. Specifically when an SDR books a meeting and asjusts the lifecycle stage to MQL, there are fields that sales reps need completed. How can we make those fields required when adjusting the lifecycle stage?


Do any combination of features work to make this possible right now?


I'm looking into this too. Would be great if this could be implemented into Hubspot as it doesn't look possible at the moment (current workaround is using workflows but far from ideal).


This would be a very useful option to set up for each lifecycle stage.


I would really like this as well: the option to add required fields in order for a lead to change status.


This would be super helpful! Hubspot allows to measure and track various things at a deal level (because we can set mandatory fields from one stage to the other), but not on a company or contact level. 


If a company (like ours) works with deals only when an opportunity is created, then this missing feature makes it quite difficult to understand what is going on pre-opportunity (deal creation). 


Is this in the roadmap? 


Hi everyone, 


Im looking into this too.


Is it possible to make it compulsory to move through the stages? Meaning to go from Lead to MQL to SQL? I am asking, because we realized that when a Lead jumps directly to SQL and does not go through the MQL stage, we dont collect the date for when it became an MQL and it is not possible to edit the field "became a ... date". Therefore, it will not be counted in our MQL Report. We want to make it compulsory that a lead must always go through all the stages; Lead--> MQL --> SQL ...


Yes, this is exactly what we are also looking for.

Just like it is in deals. We would aprriciate it if the option would be avialble for Lifecyce stage as well


cant believe so simple things are missing from HS. it creates lot of data quality issues for us as once a lead is marked mql it goes to salesforce without a contact owner as some executives forget to assign owner value to lead .