Required email and form fields before chat or bot conversations

I have seen several merged chats suggesting that people leave their email so companies can follow up. I understand this idea was delivered, and a prompt to leave an email was added to the chat feature. However, I am wondering if we can add a mandatory email field to the chat so we have a way to follow-up with leads who do not leave an email voluntarily. My suggestion would be to make this feature optional so companies can choose whether or not they'd like to enable it. 

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Sep 3, 2019

@willprm thanks for the feedback, I am going to email you directly to connect. 

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Sep 3, 2019

Hi all - This is still an active issue and something my team is actively thinking about. I will provide more details as we know them! 





Dec 31, 2018

@amchartman @AveryReid could you please elaborate on how the email capture prompt within chat and the optional lead qualify bot solution do not solve this for you? Thank you for your feedback!

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This is a very important feature for us as well. A lot of conversations end because visitors just leave the chat without sending their email address. Looking forward to this release!

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Hi, yep, please. We also need people who want to chat with us to first submit their name and email address. A phone number as an optional field will be great.

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I would really like to see this funcationality as well (as we've used it in other free chat apps previously and are really missing it in Hubspot chat.) If the user isn't forced to leave any contact info, then we can't follow up and it's a lost lead. Thank you!

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We also need it fast.

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I would actually expand on the idea slightly. I do this in and it would be much nicer to have this in HubSpot chat.

1) Simple forms to fill out preceeding the chat.

2) An form that one would fill when the user is away. 

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Has any progress been made on this? It's such an obvious design flaw and I can't believe that anyone who has a Bot on Hubspot is not negatively experienced by this. I would say that 90% of our customers miss the first question which asks for their name, which is clearly evidence that this does not work. We have even tried to design the welcome to make it as clear as possible but customers still want to jump in with their own question. 


Please update us as this was first flagged two years ago!! It is completely standard to have a form at the start of the chat to capture this key information.

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I would love to see this feature added!


It is frustrating when a user on the chat, who seems like a strong oppotunity, does not leave any contact information. Obviously meaning that we can not follow up on the lead and may loose us sales.


Its quite pathetic that after 2 years hupspot can not be troubled with adding about 3 lines of code to there chat service to make it not continue untill the contact info has been entered. I will be recommending the client that Iam dealing with that uses this product to switch to anything else at this point. this is pathetic.

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Hello. Has the status of this changed since 2018? Is this functionality now available?

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@cdewey22 @hroberts  I have been waiting over 11 months for a solution to this. Implementing a solution to this is something that would be very simple. Can you please listen to your paying subscribers and get this fixed ASAP?

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Would love to see this feature active!

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Yes, it is very important for us to collect Name and Email, before the chat begins.  We are opting to use another Chat plugin because of this reason alone. Not sure why this is not a default feature already. 

It would be great to see this feature. 

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This is very important to us. We love hubspot with all its features but this missing feature is a deal breaker. we really want to stick to hubspot