Required deal stages (so deals show in deal stage funnel report)

It would be good to be able to set required deal stages for a pipeline. For example; a pipeline for 'New business' (prosects that are not yet customers), it would be good to force the sales team to add a deal at the first stage then have to progress it through every stage until won/lost. Then every deal will show in the deal stage funnel report and allow us to measure sales performance.

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Phenomenal idea!


We need the same. Another way would be to still allow deal to go from stage 1 to stage 3 but to record in stage history that it reached stage 2 at the same time as stage 3.



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+1 for this idea.  Would really help, right now HubSpot's pipeline converstion stats reports are useless because deals aren't progressing neatly from stage to stage

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+1. You can't get squat for analytics when the deals don't all follow the same flow. We've built some API-based reporting to show how long it takes deals to move from any two stages and across the pipeline, as well as find aging deals in a given stage. We need to be able to count that they hit every stage.


I'm contemplating a potential workaround, which is a set of deal properties that are booleans for "did you place the deal in stage XYZ?" and make it required for subsequent deal stages but use automation to set that field to be true when it gets dropped there. Not sure if this would work, and it could be fudged, but it would force the team to look and hopefully notice, "oh, i need to drop it over here first".  I'm not sure automation works fast enough to make this practical for quickly moving across a series of stages?

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100% agree.


The deal funnel report is not useful at all because the stats can be so obviously skewed by missing just one stage.


We need this in order to be able to do some proper business planning around what our sales conversion stats are.


I'm happy with either functional solution:

  1. not allowing a deal to progress to a stage unless it has been through the previous stage, oir
  2. allowing a skip ahead to another stage, but still counting it as having passed through previous stages (which is pretty obvious in a standard sales flow)
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@jrwthetreegroup @BC_BOT @pukkasoft @krissaxton @VagaeNatus 


We needed exactly the same functionality! What I did was to create a few extra properties (date fields for each deal stage "Discovery Date" or "Contract Sent Date") and then create a workflow that adds that date the deal moved to a stage to the corresponding property. There's also a check to see if it's skipped a stage - if it has, put today's date in the missing deal stage property too.


It's not ideal as we can't create a native funnel in HubSpot but, we at least have accurate data and even when deals skip a step, we have a date for that skipped step. This allows us to export the data and create a funnel elsewhere.


Although, I'm not sure if you'll need to upgrade your package to include Deal workflows.... but 100% agree that this should be standard functionality within HubSpot!

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+1, looking at the Deal Stage Report from the "Any" view is creating more confusion than clarity Smiley Sad 


Or like  @BC_BOT  said, people can skip stages, but at least record it in the background that they went through the stages they skipped. When we get an order over the phone or mail, sales people just don't have the discipline to move them through every stage, they go from deal created to won immediately.