Required Properties after Property change

It would be very nice if you could select some required properties after another property has been changed.


If you change City, a window pops up and says "double-check country"


If you set Contact to "SQL Lost", a window pops up with a note "Reason for SQL Lost".


For now, you can only do that if a deal or a customer gets moved into another lifecycle stage (required properties).


The same for "just" changing properties would be nice,


Thank you.


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+1.  I think this is a missing piece in HubSpot over other enterprise platforms, where you can control the data integrity of non-automated data capture with built-in triggers and window popups.  This would helpful across all objects, especially with deals - example, when a deal is marked "Closed-Lost," to then require entry in the lost reason field.  The only way I'm aware of is to send a notification or create a task via workflow, but this works very seldomly across our entire group and causes constant reminder meetings.