Require task completion before progressing a Sequence

Scott from the product team here. 


In Sequences today, task completion is NOT required before progressing onto the next step in a sequence.  For a sequence with multiple email steps, call tasks, and social touchpoints, this means that if a task step is not completed, future emails and tasks will still get sent or created. 


We've heard from our users that there should be an option to require that a task be completed before sending the next email in a sequence, or before creating another net new task. 


To solve this, we're evaluating support for this feature in Sequences:



If you're interested in talking with us more, or getting early access, upvote this post and we'll let you know as soon as it's available. 

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Would LOVE this!  Raising my hand as a beta tester available for this!

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Yes, we need this feature. As everyone here has already described. We have automated emails that don't make much sense without the completed call task that comes before.  We would be happy to get early access and help debug any problems. This would be a great improvement to the sequence feature.

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This feature would be huge and would allow Hubspot's clients greater autonomy and flexibility when using the platform. Please create the ability to govern these sequences more closely by allowing your customers the option to inhibit tasks from completing, if the preceding tasks have not been addressed/completed within the seqeunce. 

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This is pretty much a required feature for this type of tool.  What if a team member is sick and misses the task to call the contact. Then the email goes out saying he/she is following up on the call that now never happend? We need to this to create the right approach for our sales team as they are reaching out.

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To be honest, I thought this was part of the platform. Kinda comical that it is not. 

Can we get an update on if this will be completed and how soon?

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I see this has been requested since 2017! With the new updates to the sales side of Hubspot I hope this will be added very soon. We're currently using another sequencing/automation tool, but given that we use Hubspot as our CRM it would be MUCH easier to drop our other tool and just use Hubspot. There are a few things I don't like about this sequencing tool, but this one is by far the worst part. It just seems like something that should be a no brainer.


Please let us know when we should expect an update - as others mentioned, I would be happy to be a beta tester!

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@sjudson This is Blaine. I've worked with you on another feature that is great now! I'm stoked that you're building this out. Can I get early access? We're looking into other tools right now to figure this out. Any updates on timing?

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I would absolutely love to have early access to this. Is it available yet? 


I thought that's how sequences worked (like they do in Outreach). Really, really, really need this feature because I ran into this problem yesterday. My calls got behind and all of them weren't completed yesterday, so I moved my call task due date to today, yet this morning, the next step emails were already sent out - sales nightmare if you ask me!


HubSpot team - if it's available can I please have access?

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Hi @sjudson 


If you need any Alpha/Beta testers for this, please reach out. We are desperate for this feature and may well leave Hubspot for a lack of it. 


Without it, sequences are pretty much useless for my sales team. 

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This is a feature that's crucial to scaling and automating our business development initiatives. The fact that this (shockingly) isn't already available is forcing my company to look into alt software platforms and switch altogether.


Is there a timeframe by when this would be in beta/full launch?

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My team really needs this feature! It's hard to use the sequencing feature otherwise and we're now looking for a 3rd party sequencing tool that messes with my call flow. Help please!


Yes we need . this please Hubspot!!


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@cbasaing  Can you let me know if you find something? We're in the same position. I had a nice chat with Glen (product at Hubspot) and it's coming up, but we're feeling the pinch as well.

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Hi Community!


We are priotizing this work in the coming weeks and plan to have some prototypes ready for feedback. If anyone would like to participate in our usability testing, or provide extra thoughts and context to how this problem impacts your process, it would be great to hear from you!

Please message me directly and I will reach out when we are ready to schedule calls!

updated to: In Planning
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I have been needing this badly for the last 2 years. Excited they are working on it. Can't imagine it being that hard of a fix.

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We recemtly moved to Hubspot and I'm trying to replicate the sequences we use in Hubspot sequences - so that we can stop using and only use Hubspot. 


But I'm being blocked because of how hubspot sequences don't require for the task to be completed before moving on the the next step. 


How do I opt in for early access for this? 

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This work is currently in development. 


@OfferZenBrett  - we hope to have a closed beta ready for this in the coming weeks. I'll update the post here and create a very short sign-up form (email and HUB ID) to give early access to anyone that would like to be a tester for this feature. 

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@glencornell Awesome! 


Really keen to be on that beta testing list!!! 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi Sequences Community!


We are now collecting beta sign-ups for this feature. Please fill out this form to be part of this beta.

 - We are currently only taking Sales and Services Professional and Enterprise customers for this closed beta.



  • Several dozen of you that have reached out directly and are already included, but filling out the form will be helpful for our team
  • I have included a survey question to this form that again will also be very helpful for our team as we continue development
  • This work is still in development, I will update here once the beta is live


Thanks everyone!

- Glen