Require task completion before progressing a Sequence

Scott from the product team here. 


In Sequences today, task completion is NOT required before progressing onto the next step in a sequence.  For a sequence with multiple email steps, call tasks, and social touchpoints, this means that if a task step is not completed, future emails and tasks will still get sent or created. 


We've heard from our users that there should be an option to require that a task be completed before sending the next email in a sequence, or before creating another net new task. 


To solve this, we're evaluating support for this feature in Sequences:




If you're interested in talking with us more, or getting early access, upvote this post and we'll let you know as soon as it's available. 

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This would be tremendously helpful to align with our sales process, i.e. if action 1 is an email, and action 2 is a phone call, and the agent goes on leave for a week or so, or something urgent pops up, or he doesn't complete all his tasks for the day, the second email goes out and possibly the third without adhering to the required mix of outreach methods to find the buyer's preferred medium. I get that you can pause workflows, but what happens if the workflow is left off indefinitely? Thanks Hubspot, it would be great if you could help us out here!

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We would find it very handy to have the possibility to add conditions on sequences. 


Example of a condititon that we'd like to have is:

- If no reply to previous e-mail template by the contact or the task is not in status 'completed', do not send the next e-mail. 



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This is a basic feature that would make our ability ot automate so much easier.


This function would be extremely helpful for my team as we follow up with Deals in our pipeline and inbound contacts who request information. We like rapid follow up, but if a rep is out sick 1 day and the follow up email goes out referencing a call that never happened it is unfortunate. This would streamline our process.

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This is something we would love to have. Adding more hands on touchpoints to sequences would really improve our prospecting. Please bring this feature to HubSpot! Smiley Happy

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Having sequences not auto-create tasks before the previous task is complete would change my entire team's lives.  I used sequences every day for three months in a role where I knew exactly how many tasks I'd have time to complete in a day, and the auto-creating was still a pain in the **bleep**. I've since switched to a role with a less predictable day to day workload so I've stopped using sequences entirely and probably won't use them again until the STOP auto-create feature is implemented. I'll be waiting. Robot Frustrated

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We would be very intrested in discussing this further and potentially testing this.

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I'd beta this right now please

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We should be able to edit the settings of sequences so that emails are not automatically sent until the previous task is marked completed. Tasks get backed up, sometimes I don't get to a call task, and the email will send anyway. Tasks should not execute until the previous task is complete.