Require specific yes/no answers when moving deals between stages

I realize that one can make specific deal properties a requirement before you are able to move a deal from one stage to another, but at present there is no way to require a specific answer. 


For example, I set up a series of deal properties that require a simple 'yes/no' answer. If a sales rep tries to move a deal, they get prompted with all of the properties that haven't been answered yet. These were set up as gateways that the sales rep needed to answer before a deal could graduate. 


The issue is that the sales rep can still answer 'no' to all of these properties and still get to move a deal forward. So, for example,  if they go to move a deal from 'stage 1 qualified' to 'stage 2 needs analysis', they should had a 'yes' to all of the following deal properties: 


- Productive interaction with a target buyer/evaluator


- Defined needs/business challenges/budget


- Business needs align w/MM capabilities 


- Prospect expresses genuine need and interest


- Stated desire to continue communication with MM


- First meeting scheduled


- Budget and pricing has been communicated with no objections 


- Discovery call conducted and playbook saved to top of timeline


- Entered total estimated deal amount


At present, they can enter a 'No' for every last one of these qualifiers and still get to move the deal down the pipeline. Making a deal property a requirement alone doesn't have much utilit when certain answers  mean that a deal should not move forward. 

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