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Require specific deal properties based on pipeline

Breaking apart from this, 2 part idea: 

HubSpot should allow admins to define a different set of required properties based on the pipeline a deal or ticket is created in. This will help ensure tha tthe correct data is being added to the CRM. 

For deals created in pipeline A - require "deal amount" to be populated
For deals created in pipeline B - require "local currency" to be populated

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May 10, 2022 08:05 AM

Thanks for letting me know! I just updated the permissions - can you retry?

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May 10, 2022 07:31 AM

Hi all, this functionality is now in design research! It was a long road to get to this stage - thanks for your patience during the lengthy radio silence.


We've cooked up several options for this functionality. Now it would be great to get input from you on what works best. If you'd be interested in sharing feedback on early prototypes, please fill out this questionnaire. Thank you in advance for your time!!


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July 28, 2021 10:03 AM

Hey all, I'm Jeff from the CRM Product team. Don't blame @Dylan for the radio silence - blame me!

Happy to share that we are working towards support for this. There are several hurdles in our way to doing it right, we'll deliver it when it's ready.

We don't have an idea status that properly covers this stage, but it's gone beyond planning. It's on the list, and I'm looking forward to bringing it to you in the future.

Still cannot offer a firm timeline, I hope you'll understand at this point predicting a release date is not possible. Please keep the use cases and requests coming. Thank you all!


October 20, 2020 12:31 PM

👋 Hello HubSpot community, 

I wanted to post a quick update on the status of this idea.

As of right now, we do not have an ETA for delivering this functionality. We have a good understanding of the pain you all experience by not having this functionality and absolutely plan to address this idea. In fact, it's been something we've had several lengthy discussions about internally. The solution we're considering at this time is rooted in a significant change to our platform - allowing all properties (in this case, deal pipeline) to have other properties that are required depending on the original property chosen. It is certainly possible we take a more short-term approach to solve this specific problem, but at this stage our efforts are focused on higher impact updates to the HubSpot CRM overall. 

Your continued feedback is very helpful for our team to prioritize this idea, so keep the use-cases and comments coming! Either myself or a member of our team will update this idea once we have a better idea on delivery + timing specifics. 

Thank you as always for your continued input, it helps us build a better product. 

May 29, 2020 01:51 PM

Hey @carldavies1 - thank you for following up! We haven't made any significant progress on this quite yet, but it's something we're working towards with a series of other changes (like dependent properties for all objects and properties) with the hope that we can solve several big issues in a single release. 

I don't have any clarity on timing there, but it's certainly something on our minds and being discussed. I'll follow up on this issue as soon as we have some progress...and likely will reach out personally for some input on our concepts! 

- Dylan 

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January 04, 2020 07:43 AM

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It's been more than six months since the last update. Any additional information would be appreciated.


@Dylan any update on this? It's been two year since this was started as 'in planning'!

Our use case:
- We have different ticket pipelines used for different internal functions. For example, one ticket pipeline is for whenever a user submits an NPS score and someone on our Customer Success Team needs to follow up with that user. Another pipeline is for when our sales rep requires a quote on services and that ticket is picked up by our Services Team. Another is for when a prospect is wanting changes made to a contract, a sales rep will submit a ticket to our contracting team.

The problem:
- Each team has different pieces of information they need to collect from the person submitting the request... well, because I can't make fields required only on certain pipelines, we just aren't making ANY fields required, and we also don't want to show our internal teams completely irrelevant fields on the ticket create screen either because that would confuse them (why would I ask about their NPS score when they are submitting a ticket for Services?? makes no sense)

How we are getting around it:
- Our teams have stoppped using HubSpot for tickets, we now use JIRA which is super annoying because not every team has access to JIRA, and these are really activities that relate directly to HubSpot activities.

The host of problems this also causes for Deal Pipelines is a whole other topic to itself. In short, this is making us turn to other softwares for such a basic capability.


What's the update on this? 


When can we expect this basic feature?


Very keen on getting this going. This would also allow our company the ability to ensure the right information is captured at the right time. It would truly be a game changer to ensure people aren't overburnded with fields to populate. 


Can we please get an update on this?


We have multiple pipelines used for different departments (i.e. sales, recruiting, marketing, etc.) that need differnt ticket properties displayed on the tiles in each pipeline. It is not logical to have an order size property display on the tile of a prospective employee... Can we please priorotize this implementation as it has almost been two years that this was introduced?


When can we expect this basic feature as hundreds of clients have been requesting the implementation and a simple response?


Just to add to this - still needed.


We are using Tickets property to track a number of different processes internally and this means that we cannot define one set of "required" properties when creating a ticket as different properties are relevant per pipeline.


It is helpful to some extent that we can set some properties to be "required" when moving stages but when creating a new ticket this is ignored, so this is only beingenforced for tickets when they are manually moved from one stage to another.


I can see what you mean about having something more varied where any field can be made compulsory depending on another field but actually (at least for us) that would not be such a big deal. What would make a huge difference is if it was possible to extend the functionality of updating status properties to be enforced also when a ticket is initially created at that relevant status.




Spoke with customer success. 1) to try and get an update on what's happening with this, and 2) to find another way around this due to the time it's taking to implement. They suggested using service > tickets pipelines. 


Has anyone else done that? The only issue I can see (so far) is that you cannot create funnel reports based on ticket properties ( so we wouldn't be able to see conversion rates (which we need!).


If our company went ahead with tickets, it would be that we use deals for customer enquiries and tickets for recruitment enquiries. Still not a perfect solution as having everything under sales deals is much simpler.


@Dylan, please help! 

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@HHunt1 That's only a band-aid solution at best, which will work only if you have 2 variants of deals (with different properties) at the max. And if your 2nd variant doesn't require forecasting, amount sums at the bottom of deals etc.


I ran into this issue again today but with Line items. The problem is even worse there. I have 4 different product categories, and the properties a rep should fill in are different per category. But instead all properties are shown every time in the order in which they were created, so that window is a complete mess.


@Bob2245 Yeah I know it's not a great workaround, but getting a little desperate here! 


@HHunt1 ,

I don't know why support guided you to tickets. We have the EXACT same problem as ticket pipelines, each ticket pipeline can't have set required fields upon ticket creation.


Can we get an update on this enhancement? This continues to cause major problems amongst our user base.


Happy to see that this idea is in planning! We have two separate ticket pipelines for two different teams/departments and they require different properties when creating a ticket. 


in the same boat, we have 4 very different sales pipelines that requre very different fields to start out with.


commented twice, not sure how to remove this one. ha 

Unfortunately while dozens of Sales Leaders globally have been very supportive of this technical improvement, HubSpot has remained silent.

HubSpot where are you??

Agreed!! It's actually a big limitation for me right now


Upvote! Different teams use different pipelines, so the info we want to collect when creating deals is soooo important. Thank you!!!! 


This is crucial for having multiple pipelines, especially since we can customize the properties required per deal stage. Any update on this feature being launched?


Have there been any updates on this? Thanks! 


We really need this. 


Like so many others above, to be able to customise the ticket form based on Pipeline or team, is crucual when multiple pipelines are used all requiring different information.


Come on HubSpot. Throw us a bone... something!