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Require specific deal properties based on pipeline

Breaking apart from this, 2 part idea: 

HubSpot should allow admins to define a different set of required properties based on the pipeline a deal or ticket is created in. This will help ensure tha tthe correct data is being added to the CRM. 

For deals created in pipeline A - require "deal amount" to be populated
For deals created in pipeline B - require "local currency" to be populated

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May 10, 2022 08:05 AM

Thanks for letting me know! I just updated the permissions - can you retry?

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May 10, 2022 07:31 AM

Hi all, this functionality is now in design research! It was a long road to get to this stage - thanks for your patience during the lengthy radio silence.


We've cooked up several options for this functionality. Now it would be great to get input from you on what works best. If you'd be interested in sharing feedback on early prototypes, please fill out this questionnaire. Thank you in advance for your time!!


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July 28, 2021 10:03 AM

Hey all, I'm Jeff from the CRM Product team. Don't blame @Dylan for the radio silence - blame me!

Happy to share that we are working towards support for this. There are several hurdles in our way to doing it right, we'll deliver it when it's ready.

We don't have an idea status that properly covers this stage, but it's gone beyond planning. It's on the list, and I'm looking forward to bringing it to you in the future.

Still cannot offer a firm timeline, I hope you'll understand at this point predicting a release date is not possible. Please keep the use cases and requests coming. Thank you all!


October 20, 2020 12:31 PM

👋 Hello HubSpot community, 

I wanted to post a quick update on the status of this idea.

As of right now, we do not have an ETA for delivering this functionality. We have a good understanding of the pain you all experience by not having this functionality and absolutely plan to address this idea. In fact, it's been something we've had several lengthy discussions about internally. The solution we're considering at this time is rooted in a significant change to our platform - allowing all properties (in this case, deal pipeline) to have other properties that are required depending on the original property chosen. It is certainly possible we take a more short-term approach to solve this specific problem, but at this stage our efforts are focused on higher impact updates to the HubSpot CRM overall. 

Your continued feedback is very helpful for our team to prioritize this idea, so keep the use-cases and comments coming! Either myself or a member of our team will update this idea once we have a better idea on delivery + timing specifics. 

Thank you as always for your continued input, it helps us build a better product. 

May 29, 2020 01:51 PM

Hey @carldavies1 - thank you for following up! We haven't made any significant progress on this quite yet, but it's something we're working towards with a series of other changes (like dependent properties for all objects and properties) with the hope that we can solve several big issues in a single release. 

I don't have any clarity on timing there, but it's certainly something on our minds and being discussed. I'll follow up on this issue as soon as we have some progress...and likely will reach out personally for some input on our concepts! 

- Dylan 

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January 04, 2020 07:43 AM

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deal creation properties based on pipeline would be super helpful!


Also VERY interested in this. Training new employees can be very difficult when you have six different pipelines and everyone should only be looking at certain properties, rather than leaving a bunch blank they don't need. I want to upgrade to enterprise version but can't justify the cost without the ability to customize pipeline properties. would be nice if, for example, I'm on team A and I utilize pipeline A, when creating OR viewing a deal I should only be able to see deal properties specific to pipeline A, none others. additional ability to mark certain properties as required or not required within  various pipelines would be great as well! For example, perhaps "location" is required on pipeline A but not pipeline B, even though both use location. 

thanks for reading! Hope to see this feature soon.


Commenting to ask that this functionality be prioritised. This would be a fantastic and well-needed feature.


upvote, please bring this feature. We have multiple Teams with different pipelines and some of the properties of Team A are not important at all for Team B and their Pipeline. 


Hello, is this function now possible please?

I need a way to amend the information when creating and viewing a deal dependant on the pipeline I am on and dont know the best way to do this?

Thank you,


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Hello Dylan

Any update on this request by any chance ?

Many thanks,



This idea would be a great improvement to HubSpot. We only use HubSpot to track our sales process for new customer enquiries at the moment, but we'd love to start using it to track our recruitment enquiries too.


However, we don't need the same information on our recruitment enquiries as we do for our customer enquiries.


At the moment, when you create a new deal it asks you to fill in the same properties regardless of what pipeline you are adding to. For us, as it's currently setup for customer enquiries, it asks for things like deal type, deal revenue etc, but these are fields that are not needed when tracking recruitment deals.


If this idea isn't implemented, the only way we can add our recruitment pipelines to HubSpot would be if we set it up so that we have a large range of deal properties (which would need to be optional rather than required, which isn't ideal) in order to get the info we need for both customer deals and recruitment deals. However that really isn't how we'd like it to work as optional fields just leave us open to miss things off, so for now we are just left unable to use HubSpot for recruitment. 


If this idea to have different deal properties depending on pipeline was implemented, it would be much more efficient and useful. Having our recruitment on HubSpot would also mean we'd need extra reporting licence - which is a plus for HubSpot as it gets more money out of us!


Hopefully this idea gets implemented soon!


Absolutely needed! We use pipelines (or want to use them) to manage more things then just deals. We want to manage account pipelines and where our accounts are sitting etc and have different properties for these.


@Dylan, I literally cannot understand how such simple yet critical things do not exist as in case for many other functionalities. You already allow customizing required properties for different deal stages on different pipelines yet you don't provide functionality to customize the required properties when I click "Create Deal" in different pipelines. These kinds of missing simple-yet-essential functinalities make HubSpot—a tool being sold as a en enterprise solution—a complete mess unless you are running a home-run small business.


Sorry for the harsh criticism, but there are just too many of those kinds of situations that the implementation should not be a hassle compared to the use cases.


@Dylan  certainly a need for this. We offer multiple products and I've tried to consolidate them all into one deal ticket but it's beginning to get confusing to my sales staff that they must fill in properties unrelated to the product they selll. Gutted to see it is not possible today... 


If you really want to improve the deal ticket creation you include 2 more upgrades:

1) conditional fields (i.e. I select product X and certain required deal properties are shown. If I select product Y then different required properties are shown)

2) make it possible to make the deal Owner and Associated Contact mandatory fields upon deal creation (i.e. you cannot create an orphan deal with no Contact associated).


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@Dylan My customer would like to be able to select the required properties when creating a deal per pipeline.


@Dylan Thank you to the team for working on this critical feature. Dependent properties will be a game-changer.


Any update on ETA?

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Upvote for this!  Much needed functionality!


Yes, this would be very valuable.  A better example is for a Sales Hunter Pipeline and an Account Manager Pipeline.  I have Discovery questions as Properties and different pipelines have different Discovery question needs.  This would be very helpful.


In planning for over a year. We realize this is a big change - and seems that custom objects is about as close as hubspot has come to this. The issue is that custom objects are overkill.

What we need are object variants - deals specifically for this case. why is there such radio silence on this? Custom objects don't solve the issue because they are limited in record count and are far more complicated that required for most all cases. Was custom objects a workaround for this? We deserve some timelines on these in planning features. @Dylan 


@Dylan  A timeline update here would be great - this is a vital feature to our ticketing pipelines as we use a deployment/installation pipeline that requires vastly different key info than the usual support one

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Hey all, I'm Jeff from the CRM Product team. Don't blame @Dylan for the radio silence - blame me!

Happy to share that we are working towards support for this. There are several hurdles in our way to doing it right, we'll deliver it when it's ready.

We don't have an idea status that properly covers this stage, but it's gone beyond planning. It's on the list, and I'm looking forward to bringing it to you in the future.

Still cannot offer a firm timeline, I hope you'll understand at this point predicting a release date is not possible. Please keep the use cases and requests coming. Thank you all!



Thanks for the update @jeffvincent  and glad to hear it's on the roadmap, hopefully to deliver sooner rather than later!


Use Case: I am breaking our current pipeline out into multiple pipelines: 1) new business with direct customers, 2) Existing/Renewal business with direct customers, and 3) business with channel partners, which each require very different information to be provided when the Deal is created. Currently we can't customize which fields are requested based on the Pipeline. 


I, like most customers, attempt to work-around this by requiring the Pipeline-specific fields in the subsequent Deal Stages of that Pipeline, however this often fails because Deals can be created at any Deal Stage and Deal Stages can also be skipped. So I'd highly recommend the team consider these as related ideas to improve the overall architecture and functionality of Deal Pipelines/stages/required fields: 


Upvote idea from @MFrankJohnson  --> Mandatory properties on Deal STAGES get skipped when creating a deal 

Upvote idea from @jrwthetreegroup --> Required deal stages (so deals show in deal stage funnel report)



@jeffvincent Thank you for your reply with which you keep us informed. It's a big deal because it opens up a lot of new ways to use the pipelines and use Hubspot. We are thinking of an onboarding process for our people team in HR. Or tenders that we participate in that just go through completely different stations and require their own properties. The simplest reason is of course the differentiation between our departments and their products. The sales process of services is completely different from the sales process of goods. The topic is very important and far-reaching and should therefore be implemented soon.
However, as @amandafann  is mentioning, skipping phases in deal creation remains a big problem. It would be very important that a restriction is introduced where an admin can define in which phases of a pipeline a deal can be created and/or which phases are excluded. 


@DEbert @amandafann Completely agree with both proposals and both are very important. Having multiple pipelines for different use cases is very common as I speak to companies using Hubspot (most basic separation is Sales pipeline and Customer success pipeline). Secondly, skipping stages should have more controls (at least in Enterprise) as it effects data quality in the end.