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Require specific deal properties based on pipeline

Breaking apart from this, 2 part idea: 

HubSpot should allow admins to define a different set of required properties based on the pipeline a deal or ticket is created in. This will help ensure tha tthe correct data is being added to the CRM. 

For deals created in pipeline A - require "deal amount" to be populated
For deals created in pipeline B - require "local currency" to be populated

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Upvoted for this feature!

we really looking forward to it and need it




Do we have an ETA on this?  We need to be able to show different default ticket/deal properties based on a specific pipeline. 


Another upvote for this.


We have 2 pipelines - one for e-commerce and one for normal sales. Both need very different properties to be filled out when the deal is created. This does seem like something quite basic that should be in the CRM already.


@Dylan is there an ETA on this or still in planning stage?


Thank you 🙂

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👋 Hello HubSpot community, 

I wanted to post a quick update on the status of this idea.

As of right now, we do not have an ETA for delivering this functionality. We have a good understanding of the pain you all experience by not having this functionality and absolutely plan to address this idea. In fact, it's been something we've had several lengthy discussions about internally. The solution we're considering at this time is rooted in a significant change to our platform - allowing all properties (in this case, deal pipeline) to have other properties that are required depending on the original property chosen. It is certainly possible we take a more short-term approach to solve this specific problem, but at this stage our efforts are focused on higher impact updates to the HubSpot CRM overall. 

Your continued feedback is very helpful for our team to prioritize this idea, so keep the use-cases and comments coming! Either myself or a member of our team will update this idea once we have a better idea on delivery + timing specifics. 

Thank you as always for your continued input, it helps us build a better product. 


Hi @Dylan 


Are there any new updates regarding this feature? Indeed, as was stated many times already, this feature would be really useful and greatly improve our way of working with HubSpot.


Thanks for the feedback!


This is vital for our organization - hoping that HubSpot roll this out ASAP 


Hubspot missing out on increased revenue since this still isn't done. I have renewed my subscription for my own department but the rest of the company doesn't want to join since we'd be fighting to much on which fields to make mandatory since completely different sales Products and Cycles.



Waiting for its early implementation

Hi @Dylan ,


Do you already have an idea when implementation will be planned, beginning of 2021 or end 2021?


Looking forward to your reply!


Kind regards,



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Upvoted on my part as well. 


Our specific use case has 2 pipelines: one for sales and one for outreach to investors. Operated by two different teams and two completely different characteristics of the pipeline and deals within them.


We've made some fields required upon deal creation for the Sales team, as otherwise half of the stuff never gets submitted. But as an expected consequence, the team targeting Investors is up in arms because they are now required to submit info that's nowhere near relevant for their deals. 


I love how you're considering to fix this by implementing that some properties can be set to required based on a value chosen in another. I've got some use cases for that as well. First that comes to mind: Closed Lost Reason specification. If Closed Lost Reason was "went to competitor", make a specification field required: Which competitor? 


That granularity helps a lot in reports.


I also have a lot of use cases for this function, the one that @Bob2245 said is also a great one that we have here too, but here's another one:


I have a field in which our sales team can choose where the deal came from, if it was via inbound, outbound, or a referral/indication, for indications for example I have 2 options, one for partners and another one for clients, and for those two, I also have another field for each one of them in which the team can say which client or partner referred that deal, and because I can't require this last field when the first one is chosen as client or partner indication, this info a lot of times doesn't get submitted, and i don't know which partner or client to thank for that indication


@Dylan Do you guys have an ETA on the Beta version of this new feature? I badly need it for my team too. Thx!


@Dylan I'd love to know if you have an ETA on the release date for this feature. Thx! 


Great idea! This would be amazing,


@Dylan Really need this option for our company as well. 


Definitely need this!  We have three sales teams, each of which needs to collect different info when they enter a deal.  It would make for a much better experience if Pipeline A showed A fields only, Pipeline B only showed the B fields. etc. 


@Dylan - just following up since your last post in Oct 2020. We are struggling quite a bit without this feature. There are 3 different BU heads and as youd' imagine they have different sales pipeline. For last 2 yrs we have been managing with making fields non-mandatory as we add new pipelines. However this has resulted in significant loss of data completeness because unless fields are mandatory, sales team does not fill it. Can you please provide an update on IF at all this feature of having separate properties while creating new deals under separate pipelines be available ever?

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Same thing with ticket pipelines!


Hi @Dylan , I came here to post this idea as well. It would be so great to have this kind of specification way. Any idea about when we have accessibility to do this?