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Require properties before moving a Deal's Stage

It would be beneficial to have required properties per Deal Stage. This way users would not be able to move a Deal along before filling out the necessary information.


Currently, HubSpot can prompt users to update a property when moving Stages. This doesn't necessarily make certain properties required, but it can make an update of those properties required. Therefore, regardless of whether or not a property is already known, users are prompted to update a field during a specific Stage. 


Ex: We want the Deal Type property to be known before moving beyond the Quoted Stage. Sometimes users will select the Deal Type during the Open Stage. In this case, users would be required to update this field later on, when moving from Quoted to Closed. This is because the Deal Type wasn't updated during the Quoted Stage.

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It would also be nice to have this for the Tickets, but I think it would be most beneficial for Deal Pipelines.

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