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Require a property to be a unique value

Is should be possible to require a property to have a unique value. For example, if I want to create a property that shows a contacts ID from our internal database, I don't want our users to accidentally assign that ID to a different contact. I would like that property to block the user from submitting a duplicate value. Similar to the contact email property.


This could be a simple toggle switch when creating the property. "Unique value only?"

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This would be extremely useful to us as well - would expand our capabilities for several projects. Hope this is implemented soon. 


I'm not sure why this is not included.  There should be a checkbox to turn this on for number field as a minimum.


Now that this has been rolled out for some objects, why is it not supported when creating a contact property? It has always been something that would help keep us from creating duplicate HubSpot profiles for the same contact in another system. However, now that you are able to use a unique value property in place of the standard object id in API calls and imports, this would simplify syncs between our systems immensely. 


now available to me when creating properties. Not sure about others?



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Just confirmed by Support that this feature is currently only available on deals and custom objects.
It would make sense having this on contacts (as stated above already 😊 ) and company level e.g. applying it on properties like VAT number or company number.

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Agreed! This would drasticaly improve data quality from imports of other data systems.

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This would solve SO MANY preventable problems!

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Totally makes sense to have this.


Hello Everyone, thinking about this feature, has anyone been able to fix how to avoid duplicates in contact properties?


Need this really bad.  Would love an update from HubSpot support. See the message "This feature isn't supported for Contacts yet" when hovering over the toggle to make a contact property unique.


We also need this really bad!  We have our own member IDs and anytime a member uses a different email, it creates a duplicate record in HS.  Cannot understand why they haven't added this to BOTH the Contacts and Companies.


If I'm not mistaken (just onboarded to HubSpot for the first time...) I went to create a new custom property, a numerical field, and I was able to check the box for "Unique Values Only" - so looks like this has been resolved?