Require Single Sign On (SSO) - Remove Password Sign In Option

We require that all of the systems/online services used by our sales teams require single sign on (SSO).


Giving hundreds of people across the country the ability to sign in to Hubspot (or any other service) with a simple email address and password is too much of a security risk. (Even with the ability to toggle Hubspot user permissions based on ownership.)


The new Hubspot to Salesforce integration displays a visualforce module that requires our Salesforce users to have Hubspot accounts. But during the Hubspot user setup process, they have the option to create a password. 


We need SSO to be the only way to access our Hubspot portal both via a web browser and Salesforce. 


If we can not require SSO we will need to revert to a previous version of the Salesforce integration. 

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Hey Dan,


We do actually have this functionality in limited beta at the moment. If you'd like, I'm glad to ungate your portal for the functionality. The only caveat at the moment for this is that our mobile app doesn't support SSO login on iOS, so if you have users in the portal who use the HubSpot mobile app on their iPhones, you'll want to give them an exemption from the SSO requirement temporarily. We hope to have this functionality in the iOS app soon, which will get rid of this caveat, but if the iOS app isn't a concern or you're willing to exclude iOS users from the requirement, I'm happy to get you the access you need. 

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Just reaching out on this idea, if this covers our challenge as well. We as a company also have a need after our Visualforce for Hubspot has been made available to users in SFDC, to setup SSO for Hubspot. SFDC is our main salestool and has already SSO available but users need to addiotionally log in to Hubspot to see the Visualforce section.


We have been testing the SSO setup for Hubspot , but are running into the fact that the email address still needs to be entered manually for SSO and is not pre-populated. Actually had a chat with Hubspot support on this today and basically were told that users (specifically Sales) need to login at the beginning of each day in (not their main application, so most likely not to do it). As you can imagine this is not doable for colleagues that are on the road and need to (re)start their computer multiple times on a working day.


Question was if it is somehow possible to have the emailaddress pre-poulated that they only need to hit the login button after SSO is fully configured. Can we use the information from office 365/ SSO provider (Azure) as we already have identified who the user is and have their credentials available to use that info in the login field in Hubspot, as most applications already do (e.g. Salesforce)


Hope you can help, as it sounds like it should be technically possible.


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We need the same thing. Basically, when a user is added to HubSpot, that should be enough to allow them access, they should not have to create a password for the account. Plus having to login to the outlook plugin, the windows plugin and then the platform itself, is causing some frustrations within the team also.

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Need the same functionality. The need to assign each user a new password and then trying to enforce password policies is too much of a security risk. SSO with existing company accounts (using G-suite) would make us compliant with security regulations.