Require Product association when creating a new Deal


At the moment, we are only able to make deal properties required when creating a new deal. Would be great to extend that feature to object associations as well, especially Products. 

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Completely agree with this! There should be stronger Product associations with deals.


Another requirement that should exists is update product values and the overall deal amount to prevent the a scenario like this from happening: deal amount 10k, product A 20k, product B 50k. (Sum of products is 70k, but deal value is only 10k). They should be required to add up at all times! (maybe a toggle setting)


Agree this would be useful and something we require


Strongly agree! For example it'd be great to be able to enforce that a deal gets a Product / Quote / Line Item made at a certain stage (even if only with automation).


I agree. In general associations for deals should be enforcable. For

1) at least one product is associated

2) at least one contact is associated

3) a company is associated.