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Require Previous Deal Stages Before Moving to New Deals

Hubspot should have a requirement before it goes to a future stage that it had to have moved through all the previous deal stages! It's hard for our finance team to figure out the average conversion rates between each deal stage if the sales people keep moving around deal stages. 

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Great idea and a necessity to coach the sales reps


Very necessary 


Yes please - I want to "enforce" process adherence as simply and subtle as possible. No problem if a rep can move a deal faster through the pipeline and skip stages (if it makes sense), but I'd still like the deal to move through every single stage so I can track conversion rates waaaay more easily.


Agreed! We need sales reps to follow stages before even "seeing" an option to mark the deal as won. 

HubSpot Product Team

Hi all, you can now use the Deal Pipeline Rules feature to enforce guardrails on your sales pipelines. Every HubSpot account on Sales Hub Professional and Enterprise will have access to this by Monday, February 5th. Here's the Knowledge Base article with more details.