Requesting Access to "Became a [Lifecycle Stage]" Metrics via HubSpot's API



Request: We request that an API be made public for the HubSpot Marketing metrics “Became a [lifecycle stage]” (Became a Lead, Became a Marketing Qualified Lead, Became a Sales Qualified Lead, Became a Subscriber, etc.). This is necessary for agencies to report on true lifecycle metrics, and is currently a major restriction for Agency partners using a 3rd party reporting tool, such as Databox.




Here’s an example of how a user currently pulls in lifecycle stage information vs. what they’d ideally be able to do.


Current Process: The only data we can currently pull from the API is "New MQLs," "New SQLs," where the lead was created within the same timeperiod the MQL or SQL was generated. For example, if you're looking at a report for "This Month," the HubSpot Mktg metric "New MQLs" will only display MQLs whose leads were created "This Month." This doesn't happen very often for most HubSpot customers since nurturing is usually necessary to turn a lead into an MQL.


HubSpot’s dashboard reports this data in the same limiting way, not showing the full number of MQLs generated in a given month. Here’s an example:




And here is what we’re able to pull via the API that is available:




Current Ineffective Workaround: What's really valuable is seeing how many leads became MQLs during a time period, regardless of the lead create date. Therefore, "Became an MQL" is the filter we want to use or query we want to run. Since this isn’t accessible, we advise our customers to create a Smart List for each lifecycle stage they want to measure (see image below). This is not an ideal solution due to the extra work it requires, the confusion it causes, and the limitations that it presents. For example, we can not see the original traffic source that the contact comes from or view historical data.





Ideal Solution: In order for our users to access the metrics that matter to them, we would love for the following private endpoints to be made available publicly:

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Re: Requesting Access to "Became a [Lifecycle Stage]" Metrics via HubSpot's API - changed to: Delivered
Jun 11, 2018

Jun 11, 2018

@nickbodkins  yes!  Endpoint has been released, please let us know what you think:


Re: Requesting Access to "Became a [Lifecycle Stage]" Metrics via HubSpot's API - changed to: In Beta
Mar 5, 2018

Currently testing a new endpoint to support this need - stay tuned!

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This would be very useful for our agency.


Having the ability to see the Became a Marketing Qualified Lead Date and other dates would give us the ability to properly report metrics about the sales funnel to our clients.


Because we are a B2B marketing agency, our clients have long marketing and sales cycles, sometimes several months log. Having these dates available would allow us to more accurately show the results of our and our client's inbound marketing efforts while reducing the amount of reporting work we have to do manually.

Contributor | Diamond Partner

We really need access to this. Lifecycle stages are underutilized across many new HubSpot customers, and being able to accurately report on these is really important for us as an agency partner to help new customers have a positive experience.


When we're working with clients that have long sales cycles, being able to see that marketing campaigns are actually moving people along in the funnel is critical. Just being able to see new leads and opportunities leaves out a lot of information. The dates that people convert is really important to show that existing leads are becoming more qualified. 


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This is an absolute must for our agency and for any HubSpot user who is actively trying to get the best, most accurate reporting for their campaigns. Without it, how can we trust HubSpot's out of the box reporting or any third party reporting provider to actually show us the real metrics that we're looking to work off of.


It feels like a relatively simple thing for the HubSpot team to build/unlock, I just hope they prioritize it properly over some of the other UI things they seem to be focused on at the moment.


I have 6 clients that I need to creat reporting for. They all basically want me to do this in Databox. So the question is: Do I need to tell my clients that I can't do this or will HubSpot grant access to the lifecycle stage metric for 3rd party tools?


It's that simple, HubSpot. We need this!


Morten from Katkom

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 Yes please!!! It's impossible for us to accurately report on funnel performance to clients. How many contacts were at a specific lifecycle stage during a designated timeframe helps us to show complete conversion data, and accurate conversion rates. The way we are currently forced to reprot this is a snapshot of MQLs at a specific moment, which could actually decrease if our nurturing efforts are effective. 

Status updated to: In Beta
HubSpot Product Team

Currently testing a new endpoint to support this need - stay tuned!


@nriley any update on this endpoint? Thanks!

HubSpot Product Team

@nickbodkins  yes!  Endpoint has been released, please let us know what you think:


Status updated to: Delivered
HubSpot Product Team