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Request for smart form and CTA rules to respect visitor language preference based on URL or cookie

For multilingual website visitors, Hubspot smart CTAs and smart forms can show content based on browser language; however, the Hubspot language options fail to respect a person's wishes if the person uses common language switching options that sites often provide.


For example, a website might have a link or other element that enables a visitors to switch between different languages on the site. These language switchers often rely on cookies or URLs to control language, and the current Hubspot smart rules fail to respect the user's wishes if the users tries to change their language using one of these URL or cookie-based methods.


For example, if Emilia's browser language is set to Spanish, and she visits a URL that shows content in English, smart CTAs and forms will still appear in Spanish if we've used Hubspot's language rules.


This violates Emilia's wishes and provides her with an inconsistent, somewhat unprofessional website experience. This may limit our ability to help Emilia, and it may hurt our conversion rate.


If the smart rules were able to check for particular URLs or cookies, and display content based on that, then we could provide Emilia with the Hubspot content that she wants to see, and we could potentially improve our conversion rate.