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Request for "Dumb" Form Fields that don't map to contact properties

It would be fantastic to be able to create forms for niche uses that did not map back to contact properties.


One use case: You're doing a special contest or collaboration with a partner where you're  collecting information to offer a product/ service/ or contest that is not part of your core product. 


Right now to do this, all of these custom/ niche fields must be created as contacts and map back to contact properties.

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Surprised this isn't upvoted more. 


This would be such a nice feature to have. I have plenty of clients who want to host an event, throw a contest or do some kind of polling that's niche/specific to a short period in time. They want to ask questions like "What are your dietary wishes?" or "Will you bring an extra guest?". They only need the form input for that particular campaign or event, and they're only relevant for a particular subset of the database (f.ex. event invitees). I like to keep a tight ship and clean house in my Hubspot portals, and it's really annoying to have to pollute Contact properties with these one-off fields, then have to back up the data and clean up the properties afterward.


I'm looking for two functionalities regarding this:


In form creation

The option to create fields specific to this form, that are not mapped to contact properties.


In filtering/list creation

Be able to filter on these form responses somehow, so that I have the option to create a list, trigger workflows, create reports, etc. based on their responses to these non-mapped questions.


It's March 2022 and this is still a need I have.


Dumb fields with the output in a Task would be ideal. 


Yes Please! Me too!

How is this not a thing?


We are new Hubspot customers and very surprised that this doesn't exist.


So frustrating to have to create a new property for every single form field! Creates a ton of clutter on object records.