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Reports beta - make 'created by user ID' a usable property

I'm trying to build a report that shows how many Deals our sales reps are creating.


While experimenting with the Beta report builder, I recently came across a Deal property called "created by User ID" that looked like it would be able to help me compile a report on how many Deals our sales team is creating. However, this property is no longer selectable and the Hubspot support team have informed me this property was added to the beta report builder mistakenly, and won't be featured in the final report builder. 


It was suggested that I filter by Deal Owner instead. Unfortunately, as we automate the majority of our Deal creation using Workflows and then auto-assign to a rep based on a few varying factors, a report based on Ownership alone wouldn't work for us. 


As the property seems to already exist and is simply not included, can we please consider adding this back to the report builder? If I'm wrong and it doesn't exist anymore, can we... make it exist? 





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Hi there, just seen this. You may be interested to know that this is currently possible in the reports builder.

Any chance we could get this in the workflows or list as well?



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Hey guys!

Just wanted to let you all know that you can now create a deal report in the custom report builder using "Created by user ID":




@lgil That's fantastic, thank you for letting me know! 


It would be great to have this available also in the workflow tool !