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Reports: Stacked Column Chart (100%)

The Reports feature in Hubspot is great, but I have found a limitaton on stacked columns when wanting to generate a diagram for all values in relation to 100%. Basically I want to get stacked columns which are all the same height and the values are relative to their base value. In MS Excel this feature is already availible and in my opinion it shaves the process of figuring out in which relative context the next column is to the column im looking at. All this may look very cryptic at the first glace, this is why I've attached screenshots below to further elaborate on the idea.


    • Who (what type of role or team) is the feature for?
      This feature could help management to see at a glance which properties sales employees gave in relation to all companies of their ownership.

    • What is their goal?
      The goal is to have a quick comparison to a benchmark.

    • What value will this add?
      This feature could help management to get a quick overview over data but also help to compare two columns to each other.

    • Are there examples of other places or products who have this feature?
      In Excel there is a feature called "Stacked Column Chart (100%) which does exactly that.

    • Screenshots are attached:
      What is possible with Hubspot:

      What I was trying to achieve:

      The Feature in Excel:

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December 05, 2023 12:07 PM

Hey all, this one is being actively worked on! Will be updating again soon.

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I'm not data wizard, but this looks like a great option to have in reports for the analytical minds! 

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This is possible through the integration with Power BI, which has the same capabilities for charts as Excel, but so much more.


I would still love to see this feature native to HubSpot reporting, I think it would be a huge win for teams/customers who have used Excel to generate reports for numerous years and it breaks the leadership team's brain to see HubSpot reports. The struggle with buy-in on HubSpot reporting is real. I can't count the number of times I have had to export HubSpot data to create the Excel version of the exact same report, just so it would look like reports from other departments or past years...


Same here - this should be a quick update. It bugs me how small things are buried here in the idea board... 

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This! Please ❤️


+1 We absolutely need this. It's impossible to evaluate the evolution of ratio's otherwise (e.g. the ratio of persona's or lifecycle stages over time). It seems indeed that this functionality already exists in the backend.




Another upvote here seems like should be trivial.


Same here, I would like to see a trend in sources of deals over time. To do that I have week of deal creation on the x-axis and count of deals on the y-axis, broken down by source. This is already insightful, but in order to really see a trend, I would like to show the count of deals per source as a percentage of all deals created in a given week. Ergo: a 100% stacked bar chart (or 100% stakced area chart). 


Bumping, would love to see trends with 100% stacking

HubSpot Product Team

Hey all, this one is being actively worked on! Will be updating again soon.

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Heck yeah! Thanks @HBoyd!



Commenting to get notified when this is available!


+1 that this would be very beneficial to reporting.