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Reporting request: Sort owners by alphabetical order

Hi, I'd love to see some improvements to the custom report builder around being able to sort owner fields. Across all objects, the contact, company and deal owners (and any custom properties) are unable to be sorted correctly.

You can select that field and tell it to sort by ascending or descending, but it sorts by the ID instead of the name. This isn't helpful. All it appears to the user as is a random order. 


This would help as we could sort data by alphabetical order, and is really critical for larger sales teams. Without the ability to sort alphabetically on owners, it's really random as to what order people appear in. 

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Adding on- Would be useful to extend this functionality to contact owner properties. Would help bigger teams find the owner faster knowing it's in alphabetical order!



We really need this feature. Hope to see that soon.


This would also make comparing two or more reports easier. Right now one staff member might be listed first in one report and then the report right beside it on a dashboard has them listed third. It makes it really hard to compare information between multiple reports when the order is different all the time. Being able to sort owners alphabetically would be a massive help.


Yes, this would expand the use cases for the Dashboard. 


This isn't a reporting issue for us; it's an implementation limitation.


When we originally migrated to Hubspot, the order of our Sales Reps as Deal Owners was sorted in the random order that they were brought onto the system.  Now that we've grown, the selection of the Deal Owner using the dropdown is cumbersome in the way it appears; and every new employee is just an add-on to perpetuate this random order. 


A huge improvement would be to sort them alphabetically on demand (as each new sales person added will return us to a random order again).  Given that we can create other categories of employees (eg., Technical resources) and choose how to sort (alphabeticallly chosen, of course), it makes the Deal Owner dropdown seem so anitquated. 


Can we fix this?


We urgently need this feature, with a certain number of owners it is simply unusable at the moment.


This would be a great addition.


With the existing limitations on the sort order, we really need some way to sort logically!

If we can't sort by the Label value, and the Internal value is locked, could it be possible to make a new property value to give better control over how users/owners are sorted??? 

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I have an immediate use case for a client right now where I can't sort on Company ID in alphabetical order in a very simple custom Pivot report. This is a common, simple requirement, so I am a little surprised it's not already available. Please can we have the ability to sort in all areas of reporting, by ID fields, by all types of record 🙂 


I appreciate we can sort by Company Name, but we often need the ID of a record in Reports so that we can easily launch the record in a new tab from the link.


And also, please can we have capital first letters for the company that's displayed when using Company ID - when used for grouping in a report. Thanks in advance!


I actually find it strange having worked with other CRMs that the default sorting isn't alphabetical here. Upvoting this one.


We run events and have sales rep status reports for every event. We need to have these reports sorted alphabetically by deal owner so it's easy for our managers to do a quick eye check on specific reps. Instead they are having to go through a randomly assorted list to find the status of who they're looking for. Hoping this gets addressed soon!


It would be enormously helpful to have contact owners alphabetized in the dropdown under company. It is such an easy and obvious fix. I've talked to support several times and they are always surprised that this cannot be done.  


Exactly the  same problem. ALSO in reports you can sort the rows but not the columns. Terrible


Seems like a quick win to allown for alphatbetical sorting of HubSpot user fields (or even a "Me" option at the top like we see with filter views), instead of the "first-in-first-displayed" order that we are limited to now.