Reporting on call outcomes

Would like to see a subset under calls in Dashboard productivity for "Select Call Outcome". So I know I made X calls (top section) and had x conversations, y voicemails etc.

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I'm looking for a way to pull the specific calls that were NOT given a Call Outcome so I can update those missed entries. 

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@djc you'll be pleased to hear that we have a report you can add to your dashboard just for this purpose! Click Add Report from your Dashboard and filter in the Report Library by Sales Pro > Calling. The Call Outcomes report is what you're looking for.

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Is there a way to take action on the report or to break the various outcomes into task ques?  It appears that you are only able to see the high level data for example 25 people did not have any outcome.  How do we drill into who those contacts are and then work them?

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@Scott_Azaroff, this might help. Just figured it out myself:


1. Go to reports dashboard and click on "add report" (top right)

2. Click on the "sales" drop-down on the left and then select "prospecting"

3. Look for the productivity report and click "customize"

4. On the left, under filters, scroll down to "engagement filters" and click on the filter that is currently shown (it should be "type is any of calls, email, meeting, task or note"

5. Delete everything leaving "calls" and then hit "update filter". The visualisation will now show you only calls

6. Now you need to adjust the "measures" which are above the visualisation. The first should say "hubspot owner" in the drop-down", below that should be "by" and then "counts of engagement" in the drop-down. Then to the right of that should be "and" then "type" in the drop-down. It's this last one you need to change. Select it and change it to "call outcome"

7. The visualisation now shows you the call outcome for all calls for the selected date ranges

8. You can then hover the mouse pointer over each call outcome (in this case click "no value") and a link called "quick view" will appear. If you click this a list of all contacts where a call outcome was not logged will present itself. You can now go into each contact and review


Hope this helps!

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@SeanMcProperty This is a great tactic and I have been using this, so thank you.


Do you know of any way to use this report and cross reference it with meeting's booked? The 'Last Meeting Booked' property in this case is either known or not.


Basically, I want to see the efficacy of our calling in relation to meetings booked. Then ultimately if the contacts are converting.

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Other than noting that a call was made that week and a meeting was booked with the same contact that's it (I'll check if there's some way to link them). My weekly report tracked weekly (daily) counts on the following: calls, call outcomes (with emphasis on subset of call outcome "connected", meetings booked, meetings, emails, and deals created, deals closed.